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NXT PPV Predictions: Orlando (2017)

With WrestleMania (Check out those picks here)  just around the corner, there are bound to be huge moments coming in WWE before, during, and after the big event. The Hall of Fame inducts Kurt Angle, Rick Rude, Diamond Dallas Page, and more. The Raw and Smackdown following is sure to be filled with surprises. One other… Continue reading NXT PPV Predictions: Orlando (2017)

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WWE PPV Predictions: WrestleMania 33

The ultimate thrill ride has arrived (hosted by the world famous, longest reigning tag team champs, The New Day)! WrestleMania is the highlight of the entire year of WWE, akin to a season finale of a TV show. Major storylines reach a climax, and a years worth of build finally pays off.  This year, we… Continue reading WWE PPV Predictions: WrestleMania 33

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WHO IS DAVID? A review on Legion

WHO IS DAVID? No, really tell me. Who is David? Where did he come from? Who are his parents? Is he crazy? Is he real? What is real? For weeks now, I've been watching FX's newest series Legion. Initially, I had no clue this series was tied to the X-Men franchise. I felt pretty stupid… Continue reading WHO IS DAVID? A review on Legion

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Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

This tale as old as time has been told once again. But is it an unique way to see the original tale or simply a rehashing of a classic? (SPOILERS AHEAD) Disney seems to be running out of ideas a bit. Once a land of imaginative innovation and original stories, Disney's creation of original stories has… Continue reading Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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10 Lucha Underground Matches to Check Out on Netflix

Lucha Underground has finally arrived on Netflix. There has been rumors that the wrestling show from the El Rey Network would be making its way to Netflix, and now the first 2 seasons are now available to be viewed. Lucha Underground is a truly unique wrestling experience as it combines high-flying pro wrestling with a cinematic style… Continue reading 10 Lucha Underground Matches to Check Out on Netflix


March Madness: Favorites and Sleepers

March, the month that brings millions of sports fans and non-sports fans together. The March Madness tournament is arguably one of the most wide open competitions in all of professional, college and amateur sports. Mainly because it is college athletes competing and anything from a win streak, a turnover, a posterizing dunk, a late three… Continue reading March Madness: Favorites and Sleepers

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The Indie Library expected for The Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch out and millions playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are still more asking: Is there anything else? Based on an aggregate schedule collected after each statement about the console, The Switch seems to have an interesting line-up for games this coming year. What peaks my interest the… Continue reading The Indie Library expected for The Nintendo Switch

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Sweet Dee has a show! aka the Mick Review

For all of you out there familiar with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you should know a thing or two about Deandra Reynolds aka Sweet Dee. By the way, the latest season just wrapped things up last night. The finale gave us one huge reveal and finally gave closure to an ongoing issue that's been… Continue reading Sweet Dee has a show! aka the Mick Review

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NFL Free Agency: Live Updates on Signings

NFL free agency has arrived and we've got all your latest rumors and news as free agency plays out. Once the clock strikes 4:00pm Eastern, we will be giving you constant updates on NFL free agency. March 10th Deals: OT Mike Remmers signs w/ Minnesota Vikings Contract is worth 5 years/$30 million. Vikings O-line, particularly… Continue reading NFL Free Agency: Live Updates on Signings