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Board Games…. It’s not just for Nerds anymore!


Once upon a time not too long ago you could ask someone, “Hey do you play board games?” monopolyand they would answer something like, “Yeah like Monopoly and Scrabble or like Clue and The Game of Life.” and that would be a perfectly good response. Nowadays you ask such a question and you might get an awkward look as if they wanted you to say something else. You may not have noticed it, but the world of board gaming has evolved into something fantastic.

Many of us before this growth of games have only heard of the basics of Monopoly, Clue, Etc. But what if I told you there is a set of new classics that should be on everyone’s shelf. Some games that are just as old, but bring a new aspect to gaming other than your typical “roll and move” mechanic. Games like Settlers of Catan(or just Catan now with the new printings) or Ticket to Ride or King of Tokyo. Don’t believe me? Well then go to your local Barnes and Noble or even better go to Target and seek out the board game section. Just stand in front of it and look. You won’t find an overstock of Monopoly you will find a whole new world of REAL GAMES. Games that make you actually play the game. Games that get you involved. Games that get you thinking. Games that actually have you interact with each other. Games that are FUN. I’ve been in this hobby off and on for 10 plus years now and I have seen the change. seasonsdiceThe change of rolling dice and just moving your pawn from space to space. To the change of rolling dice and anxiously hoping  you get that extra hit that will screw your opponent over. To rolling dice and drafting them to give you special abilities. To rolling dice as fast as you can to get the results you want. These are just some of the dice mechanics found in these designer games that bring something new to the table.

So let’s say you don’t like dice. That’s fine because there are games out there that have simple card mechanics like Drafting or Trick-Taking or even just playing a card and seeing what happens afterwards81axqwga4ol-_sl1024_ . Either or. What I’m getting to is: take a chance. Pick up one of those random games. You never know, you actually might find something interesting, something to invest your time into instead of your phone because I will tell you one thing. Board Games aren’t just for nerds anymore… They are for people who just want to have fun! So if by any chance you find yourself in a Barnes and Noble or a Target and decide to pick up one of those games let me know. Shoot! If you even want to be even more ballsy go to your local Comic book shop and seek out what they have there and I guarantee you’ll find something you will play over and over again. If you do, leave me a comment below telling me what you got and if you liked it. And if you do fall in love with this hobby, stay tuned with me and I will share with you Reviews of games that I have gotten to the table and what I thought about them. So until next time…

If You’re Bored…..Game!



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