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WWE PPV Predictions: Fastlane (2017)

goldberg-fastlane-228304-640x320Fastlane is fast approaching and it couldn’t come any faster. Sure to provide fast-paced, high-octane action, Fastlane is likely to speed viewers along the Road to WrestleMania. All “fast” jokes aside, this year’s Fastlane pay-per-view is shaping up to provide a much better show than previous years that were marred by predictability and disappointing results. For instance, last year’s show included the old Wyatt Family (minus Bray) losing to the thrown-together team of Kane, Big Show, and Ryback, the extremely predictable main event win by Roman Reigns, and a last minute addition of R Truth and Curtis Axel. Riveting stuff. However, Fastlane this year provides far more compelling matches whose results are much less predictable than a PPV so close to WrestleMania would normally be. However, I am not hear to review this PPV (that comes later). Instead, I am simply giving my predictions of what I believe could and/or should happen come this Sunday.

First allow me to establish some rules:

  1. Winners are selected as clean wins, unless otherwise stated.
  2. For title matches, winners will be the person(s) who walks out with the title rather than the winner (i.e. if the matches end in double count out or DQ, winner is the champion as they retain).
  3. Predictions are based on booking rather than talent. While I would love for Sami Zayn to win everything and Roman Reigns to lose everything, it doesn’t always make the best booking sense.

Without further ado, let the predictions commence:

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