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WWE PPV Predictions: Fastlane (2017)


Samoa Joe v. Sami Zayn


Samoa Joe has had an excellent start to his main roster career. Since arriving, he has attacked Seth Rollins, aligned with Triple H, beat Roman Reigns and Cesaro, and has established himself as a dominant member of the Raw roster. Now, his sites are set on Sami Zayn, the resident underdog. Sami Zayn insulted Joe on Raw and Zayn has found himself on the wrong end of a few beatdowns these last few weeks. Sami Zayn has always been an excellent wrestler, and if the matches these two had in NXT are any indication, this could be one of the top matches of the night. These two have yet to have their WrestleMania plans be laid out for them, so the results of this match are anything but clear.

Prediction: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is tremendously over right now, and WWE would be right to ride this momentum into WrestleMania. He is showing amazing aggression and passion in his matches, and should have a marquee match come this April. Sami Zayn will unfortunately face another defeat. Since his underdog status is pretty well established, he shouldn’t be hurt too badly by a loss here. But his momentum is almost dead in the water and he is in need of a high profile victory and/or a title run with a midcard title. Another option could be a potential trade to Smackdown Live. Either way, Joe has the better momentum and should win this one cleanly.

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