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WWE PPV Predictions: Fastlane (2017)

enzo-amore-1Anderson & Gallows (c) v. Enzo & Cass

(RAW Tag Team Title Match)


While this match has all the talent to be a spectacle, the build to this match has been lackluster. Enzo Amore has become something of a parody of himself. When he and Big Cass first walked onto the main roster scene, they were the hottest tag team in WWE. Fast forward nearly a year, and these two seem to have lost the momentum. After a strange feud with Rusev, Enzo began to look like a slimy heel with his attempted seduction of Lana, and his big mouth has begun to turn fans off, even cheering Sheamus when he kicked Amore post match. Add to the mix a pair of champions who for the last couple weeks have been nothing but punching bags for Roman Reigns, and you have two teams who feel like comedy acts more than championship material. Hopefully, their talent shines through the mediocre writing to allow the RAW tag team division to grow in relevance.

Prediction: Anderson & Gallows via DQ

Anderson & Gallows may not be the strongest looking champions, but WWE shouldn’t rush the moment of Enzo and Cass finally claiming gold. Having said that, Enzo and Cass deserve to stay in the title picture going into WrestleMania. An easy way to do this would to have the end of this match be as murky as possible. Anderson & Gallows are well established as sneaky heels, and causing a DQ to retain their titles is well within their characters. Another option would be to include Sheamus & Cesaro in order to set up a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania, which could provide some excellent tag team wrestling. Either way, this match will likely only be the beginning of this feud rather than the culmination.

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