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WWE PPV Predictions: Fastlane (2017)


Bayley (c) v. Charlotte Flair

(RAW Women’s Title Match)


Bayley is finally champion. After an unfortunate feud with Dana Brooke and being left to flounder until Sasha Banks and Charlotte stopped playing hot potato, Bayley is finally holding the RAW Women’s Championship. And the moment couldn’t be more bittersweet. While Bayley will basically always be loved, the decision to give the title to her on an episode of RAW seemed rushed. Yes, she deserves it. But the culmination of her rise to the top to defeat the Queen would have been so much more meaningful had it happened at WrestleMania, or even any PPV. Charlotte has been superb as the heel champion that everyone is chasing, and seeing her chase gold once again feels like WWE can’t decide whether or not they have a top woman to run the division.

Prediction: Charlotte

Charlotte has a tremendous undefeated record on PPVs and that streak should definitely continue to WrestleMania. Add to the mix an opportunity to see Bayley as an underdog marching into WrestleMania, and WWE has a chance to have a really good story for their RAW Women’s division. Add to that the rumor that Sasha Banks will be turning heel, and being added along with Nia Jax into a Fatal-4-Way match for the title, there would be absolute fireworks come April. It will be sad to see Bayley lose her title so quickly, but it would only make her victory in April that much sweeter.

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