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WWE PPV Predictions: Fastlane (2017)

goldberg-koKevin Owens (c) v. Goldberg

(WWE Universal Title Match)


Kevin Owens is such a great wrestler. He has an impressive arsenal of attacks considering his size. He is easily one of the best talkers in the WWE. He is capable of putting up fantastic matches and deserves his title run. Having said that, he has never faced a legend like Goldberg. Goldberg’s return has been a strange circumstance. He went from a has-been legend who was only partly cared about to the man who wasted the streak (via his squashing of Brock Lesner) to a legitimate star that WWE is building entire PPVs around. I’d say this has been a pretty good return. For a while, Raw has kept the legends (Goldberg, Brock Lesner, The Undertaker) separate from the young stars for the most part this year. But now Goldberg is stepping into the ring with one of the brightest stars of WWE’s future. The showdown can only go down one of two ways. Goldberg dominates and claims the top prize, or Owens weasels his way to a victory.

Prediction: Goldberg

The results of this match seem a bit obvious. It’s the path to get there that is most intriguing. Goldberg v. Lesner at WrestleMania for the WWE Universal Title will give that title more legitimacy than any current star could possibly do for it right now. But that is not to say Owens should be squashed the way Lesner was. The smart way to book this would be to have Owens attack when Goldberg isn’t looking, hit him with every sneaky shot he can (tables, chairs, stairs, ring posts) to try and win this match, but Goldberg overcomes, building on his superhuman status. Owens will go on to have a fantastic grudge match with Jericho, and Goldberg and Lesner will be the main event of WrestleMania. Win-win


And those are my predictions for this Sunday’s Fastlane (beep beep). Do you agree? Have any changes you would make? Leave a comment.

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