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Top NFL Free Agents by Position (and Where They Will Land)

Free agency is right around the corner (March 9th @ 4:00PM EST in case you were wondering), and the rumors are rampant with potential landing spots for all the free agents in the NFL. From Peterson to the Cowboys, to Charles to the Cowboys, to any expensive offensive weapon to the Cowboys, the insanity is just beginning. Once the clock hits 4 (at least Eastern Time) some of the biggest deals in NFL history may be made, thanks to the rise in salary cap. The real question is: who really is worth the money? Well, here is a list of the top free agents by position, and the potential teams they sign with:



Geno Smith (NYJ), Mike Glennon (TB)

So this isn’t the most stellar class of quarterbacks. Neither of these QBs are really difference makers in any offense and are likely solid backups. Mike Glennon is a solid 2nd-String QB but won’t make a big splash with his signing. Geno Smith has had such a disappointing career, but at his young age, he has the potential to show off that talent that made him a 2nd round pick.

Prediction: Geno Smith – Bears; Mike Glennon – Jets

Both of these guys believe they can be starters in this league and they may be right. But there are few places that might give them that opportunity. Smith is done with the Jets, so a change of scenery would be good for him in Chicago. The Jets would then turn to Glennon to help solidify their QB situation.


Running Back

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson (MIN), Jamaal Charles (KC)

My, how the mighty have fallen. These two were gold only a few years ago. Adrian Peterson was 9 yards short of Eric Dickerson’s single season yardage record and Jamaal Charles had the best YPC average in NFL history. Fast forward through some gruesome injuries and an abuse scandal, now these two are free agents past the age of 30. While both men are capable of explosive plays, neither are close to the spectacular levels they were at earlier in their careers and will likely end their careers as part of a backfield committee.

Prediction: Adrian Peterson – Raiders; Jamaal Charles – Eagles

There are a ton of rumors of where these two may go. Adrian Peterson has been rumored to be a Cowboy for years, and the potential is certainly still there for him to join. But the fact is, Peterson would have to take a pay cut if he were to be a Cowboy. He does not want to do that as he still believes he is a top tier RB. With that said, the best team that has the cap room, the need, and the potential to be a Super Bowl contending team is the Raiders. For Charles, he just fits with the Eagles. He has familiarity with the offense and HC Pederson, and fits a need for the Eagles. The match just seems too easy.


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