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10 TV Shows to Watch In March

TV shows tend to come out on a schedule. During September, many of the network shows begin their new seasons. By December, the shorter seasons come to end, while longer shows take a break through the holiday season. In January (and partly February), shows return to TV and some new shows begin. These seasons extend to May, when these shows reach their finales. Then there are summer shows, which are a different story. The pattern makes sense and has worked for the television market for years. However, there are shows sprinkled in throughout those seasons, usually from cable networks or online networks like Netflix. That is the case with shows released in March. If you are getting bored of the shows currently on or simply need something new to be obsessed with, here are 10 choices coming this March:

380401-the-americans-the-americansThe Americans

FX – March 7th

The Cold War-era drama is beginning to reach its end as it has been announced that there will be two more seasons before the series finale. Set in the early 1980s, The Americans follows two Soviet KGB spies disguised as an average American married couple. The two spies engage in espionage and murder, while working hard to appear as normal Americans, including to their young daughter and son. The show has been critically acclaimed for the majority of its run and will look to continue that acclaim in their fifth season. With the family dynamic of the show changing and the Cold War nearing its end, it will be interesting to see what direction this show goes with by the finale.


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