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Sweet Dee has a show! aka the Mick Review

For all of you out there familiar with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you should know a thing or two about Deandra Reynolds aka Sweet Dee. By the way, the latest season just wrapped things up last night. The finale gave us one huge reveal and finally gave closure to an ongoing issue that’s been around since season one. I still am not yet sure how I feel yet about either, but I will at least applaud the creators for taking a risk. The season was different and well timed and successfully put together. I think it may be one of my favorites solely due to its great ability to stay current and offend while making smart commentary simultaneously.

But back to The Mick, this show stars basically another Sweet Dee but in another life. Mickey the titular character of The Mick is played by Kaitlin Olson. Her character is Dee Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Before we talk about Mick, for those of you unfamiliar with Dee, I will briefly describe her. Dee is often the butt of every joke, she’s the younger sister to Dennis, one of the bar owners, and often her lack of ownership of the bar makes her a prime target for humiliation. She’s a failed actress, her impressions and characters are awful and offensive. She’s far from an angel though, years of verbal abuse along with her own substance abuse have caused her to be manipulative, vindictive, easily angered, and spiteful.

Mick has some striking similarities. Both characters have no filter, drink and party hard, treat attractive men as objects and are complete and total messes. However, their situations are vastly different from the other’s. Mick’s life is something Sweet Dee would dream about compared to her horrible lifestyle, which can sort of be seen in one of Dee’s fantasies in which she stars in a show called Mr. Covington. Mick’s whole world is thrown into disarray when her sister and her husband flee the country after fraud charges are made. Now she must take care of her niece and nephews in their luxurious mansion.

Minus the kids, this would be Sweet Dee’s cushy dream job. And initially this sounds like an easy job to Mick. Quickly she realizes she’s bit off more than she can chew. Her niece Sabrina is disrespectful, stubborn, and often smarter than Mick which often causes many power struggles. Her nephews are more of an handful, Chip is self absorbed and privileged while Ben is sweet but misguided and a bit weird. This mix of weird family members along with Alba their sassy but naive maid and Jimmy, Mickey’s dumb as a mutt (loyal and caring but not at all house broken) on again off again boyfriend make for an interesting ensemble.

Mickey was not prepared for this, she barely has the life skills to take care of herself let alone three others. But she doesn’t give up easily, she’s a fighter. Things might seem to be against her, but she finds a way to make things work. Whatever that way is, it is going to be a disaster getting to the end. What Mick lacks in manners and social skills she makes up for with her street smarts and problem solving skills. When life closes a door she jimmies open a window. Or smashes it. Depends on the day.

What’s different from It’s Always Sunny is for starters the main cast isn’t as funny. It’s hard to put together a group of comedic actors that are just magical together although this can be done (Seinfeld, Friends, Arrested Development). But it does have heartfelt moments. It can be raunchy and make you cringe, but it can pull at the heart strings. That’s the biggest difference. These characters have feelings and can be vulnerable. Sure they can be unlikable and down right awful people, but they’re flawed and admit this. They can say sorry and are capable of change. You won’t get that from It’s Always Sunny. In one episode Mick breaks down and admits she’s doing the best she can but can’t do this alone. We can relate to moments like that. Sure this show isn’t joke after side splitting joke, but it has something different to offer.

For the most part I feel that The Mick is a nice alternative for those that like the humor of It’s Always Sunny but may feel guilty for enjoying it too much. I know there are times when I question whether or not I should enjoy something so offensive, but that just means I have to watch a nice, uplifting show to balance it out. I suppose this is somewhat normal though because I also have to do this after watching overtly violent or gory shows or films. Any time I watched Hannibal I had to watch something like Parks and Recs just to feel normal again.

7 out of 10 still expecting a bird reference at some point.



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