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WWE PPV Predictions: WrestleMania 33


Shane McMahon v. A.J. Styles


A.J. Styles is the best wrestler in the world right now. There is little doubt of that fact. He has put on some of the best bouts of the year in his first year in the WWE, earning the WWE Championship in the process. After everything he has done and the amount of talent he has yet to face, the thought was for some kind of dream match to transpire at WrestleMania. Shane McMahon was not that dream opponent. Shane is a 47 year old man who was anything but the best wrestler in his prime, let alone today. His penchant for attempting death-defying stunts are likely to be highlight reel material for months. A.J. Styles will truly be put to the test as he will have the honor of attempting to carry Shane to a great match.

Prediction: A.J. Styles

This shouldn’t be close. Styles is at the top of his game, and a loss to the boss’s son would be a ridiculous way to show him appreciation for the work he has put in. Both men will fly around the ring and arena, launching themselves from one spot to the next until Styles finally gets Shane down for the count. This match should be entertaining for sure, but will likely be out of contention for match of the year.


The Undertaker v. Roman Reigns


Based on WWE’s attempts to make this a battle of whose yard it is, you would think this a match over property lines. Instead, this is actually one of the biggest draws to this year’s event. The Undertaker is a lock for every PPV, and the opportunity to face him is as big an honor as fighting for the company’s top prize. So naturally, if Roman is not fighting for the top prize, he should be doing the next best thing.  After the performance that the Undertaker has put on at the Royal Rumble, his body seems to be breaking down and he is likely on his last ride. Given that fact, there is a lot of pressure for Roman to help a legend deliver in his last match.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

Last match or not, Reigns winning is the right choice. He will certainly be the most hated man in the WWE at that point and a heel turn should most certainly follow. The Undertaker is an amazing wrestler and will do everything he can to help the future of the WWE get over at this event. As long as WWE can book this match correctly and understand that the fans are pushing Roman out as a babyface, this could be a massive upswing in Roman’s career. Meanwhile, The Undertaker will ride off into the sunset (or graveyard) as he finishes a truly legendary career.

major-wrestlemania-33-match-in-the-worksSeth Rollins v. Triple H

(Non-Sanctioned Match)


This is one of those feuds that has been brewing for a while now. Triple H betrayed his student Seth Rollins and stole away his hopes to gain the Universal Championship. Since then, there has been slow steady attempts for Rollins to gain his comeuppance. After months of work, Rollins finally came face to face with Triple H…only to be put on the shelf. The match was in jeopardy and the only way it came to fruition is for this match to be non-sanctioned. While they are trying hard to build this match up as career threatening to Rollins, the fact that he is wrestling at all is a sign that he is healthy and ready to release all of his anger on his former mentor.

Prediction: Seth Rollins

There should not be a question about this one. Samoa Joe will likely disrupt things, and Triple H will use every underhanded trick in the book. But for this rivalry to come to a complete end and really improve the WWE moving forward, Rollins must overcome the odds and become the top babyface that WWE wants him to be. Triple H can finally step back from the ring more with the culmination of this feud and Rollins can step out of the shadow of a legend. If only they would change Rollin’s finisher.

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