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WWE PPV Predictions: WrestleMania 33

20170327_raw_vid_tag--8a8108fbe37a480032f202668be6179eGallows & Anderson (c) v. Enzo & Cass v. Sheamus & Cesaro

(Raw Tag Team Championship Ladder Match)


This is such a strange division. These three teams should be ready to steal the show with their match. But the build to this match has been disjointed that any momentum this feud had is almost gone. Enzo and Cass do not look like the next great babyface team anymore. Gallows and Anderson lost their aggressiveness a while back. Sheamus and Cesaro seem like the only team with momentum, and they are least likely to walk out with the belts. The decision to make this a ladder match was a smart way to add intrigue to a stale program, and hopefully these three teams can put together a classic akin to the TLC matches of old.

Prediction: Enzo & Cass

Let’s face it. They are the only team that makes sense. Gallows and Anderson feel like place holders, and Sheamus and Cesaro are likely to split sooner than they will when the titles again. Enzo and Cass have the potential to carry the division the way The New Day did during their reign. However, the booking is key here. Enzo and Cass need to look like gutsy heroes rather than brash outsiders if they are going to regain their momentum moving forward.

1fc7c68a6b08f12621b60850cca41dcfDean Ambrose (c) v. Baron Corbin

(Intercontinental Championship Match)


The lead up to this has been pretty solid. Ambrose has cost Corbin multiple times now, including at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. Corbin snapped and attacked Ambrose multiple times, including with a forklift. Now, Ambrose must defend his title against the Lone Wolf. Baron Corbin has gained a massive amount of momentum since debuting in and winning last year’s Andre The Giant Battle Royal. But can he claim his first taste of gold?

Prediction: Baron Corbin

The answer is yes. Corbin has all the momentum going into this match, while Ambrose has floundered a bit since being the reigning champ going into the brand split. While a win for Ambrose would go a long way to rebuilding his credibility, Corbin deserves his first title. He has improved leaps and bounds since debuting, and it would be surprising if he isn’t in the main event scene by years end.

wweraw-mainChris Jericho v. Kevin Owens

(United States Championship Match)


All good things must come to an end. The Owens/Jericho friendship was the best thing on Raw for quite a long time. The two were excellent together and helped carry the Raw brand for quite some time. Then came the festival of friendship. Owens attacked Jericho and destroyed their friendship. Since then, Jericho has cost Owens matches left and right, including his Universal Title match with Goldberg. The animosity between these two is intense and should make for a potential show stealing match.

Prediction: Kevin Owens

To be honest, this match could go either way and fans will be happy. Owens is clearly a big part of the future of WWE, so a victory for him will allow him to have excellent matches with most of the mid-card. On the other hand, Jericho could continue to do some the best work of his career and make everyone he feuds with better for it. Owens gets the edge here though since he needs the victory more. Hopefully, Jericho doesn’t disappear to quickly afterwards, since he is likely to go back to making music at some point.

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