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WWE PPV Predictions: WrestleMania 33


Bayley (c) v. Charlotte Flair v. Sasha Banks v. Nia Jax

(Raw Women’s Championship Fatal-4-Way Elimination Match)


Once again, we see three of the four “horsewomen” competing in a match at WrestleMania, only this time Bayley and Becky Lynch have been switched. Oh, and Nia Jax has been added to the mix as well. All four of these women are immensely talented and can put on an amazing showcase of what women’s wrestling is all about. With Charlotte’s streak of PPV wins broken, Sasha showing more heel tendencies, and Nia gaining more and more momentum, the result of this match is certainly up in the air, which can make any match more intriguing to watch.

Prediction: Sasha Banks

It is time for Sasha Banks to turn heel. She debuted as a heel, but quickly became a crowd favorite. Now with Bayley in the picture, Sasha can really hit her stride as a heel that uses Bayley’s trust to steal the title away. Bayley and Sasha can have an excellent feud for the next few months (similar to Charlotte v. Sasha, but hopefully with less title changes), and carrying the division for a while. Charlotte will definitely put in great work, and Nia will look dominate at points. After Bayley overcomes those odds, Sasha can take the opportunity to strike.

skysports-randy-orton-bray-wyatt-wwe-smackdown_3891357Bray Wyatt v. Randy Orton

(WWE Championship Match)


The slow burn betrayal of Randy Orton on Bray Wyatt is one of the better storylines this last year. Orton clashed with Wyatt after SummerSlam, only to join the cult leader soon after. Once tensions grew and the Wyatt Family splintered, Orton turned on Wyatt and claimed his right to challenge the Eater of Worlds for his title. Orton has certainly gained plenty of support from fans for his betrayal and Royal Rumble victory, so Wyatt will certainly have his hands full with the Viper.

Prediction: Randy Orton

This is a pick that I truly hope I am wrong about. Bray Wyatt has more than earned an extended reign with his first solo title. The man is fantastic on the mic, an excellent worker, and his gimmick is one of the most unique qualities of WWE today. But all signs point to Randy walking out as champion. He carries all the momentum, has the fans on his side, and looks to unseat an unhinged champion. Let’s hope that Wyatt does not simply fade back down the line in the aftermath.

skysports-goldberg-brock-lesnar-wwe-survivor-series_3836694Goldberg v. Brock Lesner

(WWE Universal Championship Match)


It has been a great year if you are a Goldberg fan. The man returned for Survivor Series this last year and has been the dominating force in the WWE. His career resurgence has been astounding, and Brock Lesner has been on the receiving end of those shows of dominance. Now they face off one last time at WrestleMania with the Universal Title on the line. Brock Lesner has not looked like the same beast that he was built as for a while now. While this may be a good thing since Lesner looked unstoppable at times, many will question the decision to use him as canon fodder to Goldberg. Nevertheless, this match has a ton of intrigue behind it.

Prediction: Brock Lesner

The question of who will win this match is not really difficult to answer. The real question is how will the WWE do it. Goldberg has wrestled for less than 10 minutes in the entirety of his current run with WWE, and the likelihood that this final match will go beyond 10 minutes is slim. Goldberg clearly wants to look like a superhero in the twilight of his career, and the right way to book the defeat of a superhero is difficult. WWE has an extremely difficult task ahead of them, and the execution could make or break the entire event.


Did you enjoy my predictions? Agree or disagree with any in particular? Let me know in the comments, and keep an eye out for my NXT Takeover: Orlando picks. Don’t forget to like our page, share, and subscribe to Babble Royale.

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