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NXT PPV Predictions: Orlando (2017)


Asuka v. Ember Moon

(NXT Women’s Championship Match)


Asuka has been purely dominate for the entirety of her tenure in NXT. Having never lost a single’s match, Asuka is only a few victories away from tying the record that Goldberg is so famous for. However, there is a major obstacle she must now overcome. Ember Moon has had a similar streak going since her arrival in NXT, thanks in large part to her amazing finisher, the Eclipse. These two were bound to clash as they are easily the best two women in NXT today, so their clash in Orlando will likely be a spectacle.

Prediction: Ember Moon

The reign of Asuka needs to end at some point soon. Her title reign has been impressive, but due to her dominance, many of the other women in NXT have been left in the dust, leaving the women’s division as the weakest division in NXT. Ember Moon is the first competitor that actually felt like she could dethrone the Empress of Tomorrow, and if NXT is ever to come out of the current lull they are in, a changing of the guard is necessary. With a women’s tournament still in the works that will likely replenish the division soon, Asuka can start making her way to the main roster soon.

WWE-NXT-Takeover-Bobby-Roode-Shinsuke-NakamuraBobby Roode v. Shinsuke Nakamura

(NXT Championship Match)


Nakamura has returned, and he is ready to take back his crown. The King of Strong Style seemed legitimately hurt after his last match with Bobby Roode, and after a few weeks away from NXT, Nakamura seems to be back at full strength. However, NXT has entered a new, glorious era. Bobby Roode has been a great champion and has carried the division well since taking the title at the last Takeover. With NXT as a whole seeming to move on without Nakamura, can he reclaim his throne or simply be left behind.

Prediction: Bobby Roode

This is Bobby Roode’s time. Nakamura is an enormous star and will move on to do bigger and better things on the main roster. Roode has continued to emerge as a huge star himself and proven to be able to carry NXT the way Nakamura did. Now that a champion has come along that can take over as the top star, it is time for the King of Strong Style to face the immense amount of talent on the main roster. What a glorious time for WWE.


Those are my predictions. Do you agree? Any reason why I may be wrong? Let me know in the comments, and be sure like this post, share Babble Royale on social media, and subscribe for more articles.


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