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10 TV Shows To Watch In April

April has arrived, and hopefully everyone was able to pull off a great prank on the 1st. While you are likely enthralled in many shows at this point, The Walking Dead has ended for the season and a massive void has likely left you with a great deal of free time. Here are 10 choices to fill that void:

gallery-1478016180-prison-break-michaelPrison Break

FOX – April 4th

Of the vast library of shows that could make a comeback, Prison Break was a unique choice. While there is certainly a fanbase that has loved this show and will certainly watch the newest installment, Prison Break always felt like a show that was meant to last only one season. The story begins when Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) was arrested for a murder that he did not commit. His brother, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), vowed to get him out. Once he exhausted his legal options, Michael gets himself arrested to help his brother break out of prison. What followed was a growing conspiracy that became more and more convoluted as the seasons went by. The plot of the newest season, and whether or not it deals with the same conspiracies, have yet to be revealed. Either way, you are likely to find some interesting developments throughout this latest run.


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