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All I Have To Do Is Dream: an Archer Review


Are you ready for an all new season of Archer? This week Archer premiered with it’s latest installment, DREAMLAND. This is a new departure for Archer as we’ve seen him take on the 80’s Miami Vice scene, add Christian Slater to the mix, and now he’s in a whole new world. The world of Noir.

Noir if you’re not familiar with the term, is the genre of old film characterized by crime, drama, fatalism, and moral ambiguity. It thrived in the days of black and white film, and was born after the early 1940s, the result of war and disillusion. It came at a time when people questioned motives and consequences, it coined terms like Femme Fatale and launched careers for actors like Humphrey Bogart.

Noir was essential in the creation of film, it had such a large influence on how it evolved to what it is today. It was moody and relied heavily on tone and lighting but it struck a cord with frustrated Americans. In a bleak time of struggle, noir was there for those who didn’t want escapism or a happy ending. It was real and unsure, never was anything clear or easy to understand. Things weren’t black and white, they were various shades of gray.

Now here comes the latest season of Archer. As I’ve said before, Archer has tried to get into other genres and themes within the spy world. We saw a season of him doing it up 80s style ala Miami Vice. For an animated show like Archer, considering it revolves around the world of spies and espionage, it strives to stay fresh. It challenges what we’ve all come to love and know about spies. Archer isn’t Bond, he often does missions that seem impossible but now it’s time for him to visit the past.

Nothing seems more fitting in his life than to now visit Dreamland. SPOILER ALERT if you have not kept up with the show, the whole noir setting is very fittingly worked into the plot. We find our hero Archer living out a coma fantasy after finding his partner (in the dreamworld) murdered. Now Archer is on a path for vengeance for his dear friend.

This season. FXX is also integrating Archer, P.I., an app to go along with the show. You can discover clues and uncover a mystery by solving a case on your phone as you watch the latest episode. It’s a fun little add on to play with since it’s free.

You can be sure that this season will have all your favorites back, using all those catchphrases I’m sure you’ve been missing while it’s been off air. Although it may have switched networks, Archer is still very much the Archer we’ve come to know and love. If the rest of the season continues as the premiere did, then we’re in for a very solid season dames and gents.

9 out of 10, even though the show is hard boiled now hopefully we won’t get ants


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