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STRFKR at Ace of Spades 3/29/17

Last week I was fortunate enough to check out Ace of Spades right after my radio show. It was nice as I waited in line to see so many other fans sporting bright hair colors. Recently I changed mine from teal green to a purple and pink mix. The brightly colored hair was very fitting for the vibe of this band.

But before we get to Strfkr, I have to talk about their opening act Psychic Twins. I hadn’t heard of the duo before that night but I was excited after seeing their outfits. Immediately I thought of Abbi and Ilana from Broad City. From their chemistry together even down to their looks all I could imagine was the Broad City duo but in outfits inspired by Lady Gaga. Which wouldn’t be that far of a reach for them considering Illana’s eclectic style and Abbi’s naked rendition of Edge of Glory. Just a heads up if you are a fan of the singer and the comedians, recently the duo posted a picture on instagram with Gaga on set.

But back to our opening act, they were a great fit with Strfkr and it was easy to see why they invited them on tour. They came out and got the crowd pumped. They were a lot of high energy and often between songs fans in the audience would cheer them on. The two ladies couldn’t help but blush and thank the audience for being so warm and inviting. My favorite thing about the band was their use of the singer’s voice looped in layers along with the music. At times it was haunting but mostly intriguing. After their set they graciously asked the audience for a video and a selfie. One couldn’t help but crush on the adorableness of these two.

Now we just had to wait a bit longer for STRFKR. Anticipation was thick in the air, Ace of Spades was just packed and we could feel the crowd squeezing in to get as close as one could. A mix of sweat and excitement was in the air as the crowd chanted STAR FUCKER STAR FUCKER. Fogged descended on the crowd and finally the band came out.

And next thing you know we were taken to whatever spacey wonderland Strfkr came from. They brought out astronauts onto the stage and the light show began. The energy was high and almost everyone in the crowd was moving and dancing along. One astronaut left the stage to surf among the galaxy of fans singing with the band.

Confetti guns were shot and good times were all around. The band hardly stopped to talk and continued playing their set, maintaining the fun vibes the entire time. They played some of their new stuff like Never Ever and classics like German Love and Buried Alive but one of my surprise favorites was their cover of Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Psychic Twins and the astronauts returned on stage for that song and just about everyone knew the words and joined in on the fun. The show ended and the crowd was treated to a couple more songs for Encore. I had a thoroughly fun time and would love to see the guys on a bigger scale.

8 out of 10 it felt just like a fantasy

1 thought on “STRFKR at Ace of Spades 3/29/17”

  1. “One astronaut left the stage to surf among the galaxy of fans singing with the band.” Amazing imagery in that line. I love how atmospheric this review was.


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