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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Tennessee Titans & New York Jets

The draft continues to march closer and closer as we continue to cover each team and their potential 1st round picks. This time, we cover the Titans and Jets.

Tennessee Titans

1st Round Picks: #5, #18

The Titans have taken a few steps forward in the last season. Marcus Mariota continues to grow, and the impressive run game that the Titans have put together behind DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry has helped Tennessee look like a future playoff contender. However, there are certainly some holes that will need to be filled before they can take that final step. Mariota is limited in the weapons at his disposal, and the secondary needs improvement. With two first round picks, Tennesse can fill some of these holes very early on.


Pick #5: CB Marshon Lattimore (Ohio State)

As the top CB in the draft, the addition of Marshon Lattimore would be a huge boost to the Titans’ revamped secondary. Lattimore has the instincts and innate ability to be a lockdown corner. However, his one year of starter experience will call for some additional growth from Lattimore to be a truly top flight defender. Add to the mix the recently signed S Johnathan Cyprian and CB Logan Ryan, and the Titans could have a successful secondary for the next few years.


Pick # 18: TE David Njoku (Miami)

Two holes filled in one round is the best way to go. The Titans are in desperate need of a weapon for Marcus Mariota, and while there are certainly highly-rated wide receivers to choose from, Njoku has the greatest potential to be the mismatch Tennessee could use to succeed. Njoku is an athletic marvel and has the tape to back it up. He can line up anywhere on the field, allowing Tennessee to be flexible with its formations. With a top receiver pick in a later round, the Titans could see their offense explode next season.

New York Jets

1st Round Picks: #6

The Jets have a great deal of rebuilding to do. Once one of the leagues most dominant defenses, the Jets have fallen apart in recent years. CB Darrelle Revis was picked on for most of the season, the defense was vulnerable, and the offense sputtered all season due to the quarterback carousel. Now, after a rather quiet free agency period, the Jets are in need of quite a few positions with only so many picks to fill them. With Josh McCown looking to be the starter for next season, can the Jets improve their offense enough to be competitive?


Pick #6: TE O.J. Howard (Alabama)

This pick has very high upside, but the potential for a bust. O.J. Howard has all the tools to be the next great TE in a league that values the TE as a weapon. He is a matchup nightmare and can improve the Jets defense immensely. Howard could easily be a top 5 pick, but there have been questions about his passion for the game. After several example of draft busts who failed to have passion for the game, teams will likely be weary of Howard. But for the Jets, the gift of O.J. Howard falling in their laps should not be passed on.

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