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Two Whole Hours of My Life Gone: a review on Sandy Wexler

I spent two whole hours attempting to watch Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix arrival, Sandy Wexler. Sandy Wexler is the result of the oh so cute ode to writer/producer/star Adam Sandler. Sandy Wexler. Get it? Good. That’s basically the most intelligent result from that movie. This was quite possibly in my opinion (yes keep in mind this is my opinion so please don’t come after me with pitchforks) the most unfunny thing I’ve watched in a long time.

Bare in mind I’ve had to watch fog for 11 minutes for my Avant Garde class this semester. (If you’d like to watch 11 minutes of fog and/or don’t believe me, you can watch Fogline for yourself). Which is saying a lot because I’ll sit through just about anything, especially if you promise me a degree.

I’m by no means an absolute film snob (I prefer film critic or jerk), and I can/do enjoy films that aren’t by any means Oscar contenders. My roommate is far less critical of films than I am (she purposely watches bad horror movies) and she walked out after half an hour, but neither of us could understand why this movie was supposed to be funny. Coming into this film I had pretty low expectations (I haven’t watched any of his other recent Netflix films, but I’ve seen bits and pieces from stuff like Jack and Jill and Blended). I knew coming into this that it wasn’t by any means a 4 star film, but again, I found myself bored and confused as to why this was supposed to be funny.

The jokes fell flat often. This film wasn’t funny. It wasn’t even bad funny. It wasn’t cringey or campy. Just mediocre joke after mediocre joke. The character of Sandy was just a lying, annoying, selfish, bumbling idiot. Just because he, I guess possible SPOILER ALERT, discovers Jennifer Hudson can sing, that isn’t really enough basis for two people to fall in love.

They lacked chemistry right from the start and everything after that was just hard to believe. Sandy for some reason ends up with Courtney but in any other film that wasn’t starring Sandler, he would most likely stay in the nice guy realm. Even though they’re friends/working together, face it, the likelihood of them actually working out would be slim to none in the long run.

The funniest parts I thought involved the other characters. Kevin James and Terry Crews made other scenes more watchable but it wasn’t enough. I laughed the hardest when some random extra bumped her grocery cart into Sandler and it felt like a genuine accident and then kinda just went with it.

It’s a shame to see such mediocrity be produced so often from Sandler. In the 90s during his prime films like The Wedding Singer and Happy Gilmore cracked me up. They were a part of my childhood and I spent a solid decade seeing almost all these films he was in. I can still hear my dad singing “That’s a Technical Foul” from his animated film Eight Crazy Nights. To see his work come to this is just frustrating.

I’m not quite sure now what the appeal is in Adam Sandler’s roles anymore. He ends up doing almost the same thing in every role (angry, bitter man child that’s still lovable) and it worked for a long time. Ben Stiller kinda does the same thing but has a better track record. And Sandler is capable of great work when he tries to challenge himself. Films like 50 First Dates and Punch Drunk Love are good examples of his range and capabilities.

I would love to see Sandler figure out just how to make his comedy work again. I’m not completely ruling the guy out, (Hotel Transylvania is proof he can still be funny AND successful) so I’m hoping his film with Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale) will be much better.

The only thing I can say that I liked about the film was the costuming was pretty true to the era and Courtney’s song accurately sounded like a 90s hit.



1 thought on “Two Whole Hours of My Life Gone: a review on Sandy Wexler”

  1. God, I lasted 3 minutes before turning this off! 😂 anyways. Good stuff on here, you’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it! 😄


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