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Your Own Personal God: Comic Review of Godshaper #1

Godshaper is unlike anything I’ve read before. Wholly original, Godshaper is written by Simon Spurrier and the art is done by Jonas Goonface. Godshaper takes place in an alternate universe in which suddenly in 1958 all of the laws of physics just stop making sense. There is no more electricity, ignition, or combustible engines; instead, everyone now has their own personal god. The gods function as a handy butler, bank, and business.IMG_0283 The currency going from dollars to prayers, aka beads, means the bigger the god the richer its believer is.

Godshaper follows Ennay and Bud; Ennay is a godless human, who at night dabbles in an underground music scene called “Cantik”, where he is glammed up in lipstick and shimmer, and plays his music. He’s a glam rock pop star, sexually free and rebellious. But, during the day, he’s a Godshaper. A low-level servant to the upper class, he upgrades and shapes gods into whatever their believer wants. Unable to build wealth he trades his shaping talents for clothing, food, etc.
Everybody needs him, but nobody wants him. Then there’s Bud, a wandering God without a human; he and Ennay travel around together to lessen the stigma of each other’s situation in this world of gods and believers. Both needing one another to blend into society.

So with that synopsis out of the way, let’s get to the art. Jonas Goonface ( an awesomely strange last name) does both the cover art and interior of this book. The color palette is this soft pastel neon explosion. Goonface, not afraid of color douses panels with splashes of green and pink that make this reality so otherworldly.IMG_0281 While his drawing style has this awesome classic look that brings it all back to something familiar. All of this gives Godshaper this unique 70’s-folky-grudge feeling that I’m completely in love with. All the gods are drawn in fun glowing colors and are cute hybrids of animals and some household items. They are both adorable and weird, like really weird, but in a good way.

The story written by Simon Spurrier is engaging, interesting, captivating, and any scene with Bub is absolutely adorable. In 28 pages Spurrier is able to establish this alternate reality, it’s economy, rules, and class structure all while keeping his audience entertained, and interested. One of my favorite moments from the book is the two pages of Ennay working the crowd after his show. He floats from fan to fan, flirting, drinking, and arguing all with adorable Bud at his heels.  It’s a beautifully crafted scene that shows Ennay with his hair down and makes you fall in love with this character. Godshaper-1-Teaser-2The story centers on Bud and Ennay’s relationship, and their encounter with a mysterious one-armed woman they meet after the Cantik show. She becomes hip to their game and confronts the two. Without giving away any plot spoilers, I can say this book is one to read, if not for the art with its surreal color scheme, then read it for the amazing story.

I am completely in love with this book and I think everyone should check it out. It’s a fun read and has some amazing artwork. You can’t go wrong by picking up Godshaper #1 at your local comic shop.

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