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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Philadelphia Eagles & Indianapolis Colts

The march continues on to the NFL Draft, and now we have a new pair of teams to analyze for their first round picks. They are the Eagles and the Colts.

Philadelphia Eagles

1st Round Picks: #14

The Eagles are taking the right steps forward to recovering from Chip Kelly’s tenure. After working some trades to move up to the #2 pick last year and pick Carson Wentz, the Eagles look ready to continue the next step in rebuilding. Thanks to another great trade which sent Sam Bradford to the Vikings, the Eagles were able to regain a first round pick in this years draft. The question is whether to use that pick to add more weapons for Wentz (as they did this free agency with Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith) or to build up their defense.


Pick #14: CB Gareon Conley (Ohio State)

Conley has worked his way up the draft boards and is being considered in some circles the best CB in the draft. Whether the hype is real or simply smoke and mirrors, being selected in the middle of the first round is likely the best place for him. He excels at press coverage and can defend some of the faster receivers in the league. His ability to lock down receivers makes him an intriguing target for the struggling Eagle secondary. With solid length and excellent instincts, Conley is a solid DB to build your secondary around.

Indianapolis Colts

1st Round Picks: #15

With the hiring of Chris Ballard as GM, the Colts seem to be making a consorted effort to become younger. After allowing 8 players over the age of 28 to leave this offseason, the Colts are looking to add a fresh injection of youth to build around. For that reason, it would not be surprising if the Colts traded back to gain more picks this year. However, if we are operating under the idea that all teams will keep their picks, the Colts are likely looking to improve their defense, as it was ranked near the bottom of the pack last season.


Pick #15: LB Takkarist McKinley (UCLA)

McKinley is an edge rusher who could find his way up the draft boards by draft night. His explosiveness and relentless motor are impressive, and with plenty of experience at UCLA, McKinley looks primed to terrorize NFL QBs. He still has some fine tuning to do with his technique, but he has excellent potential to vastly improve the Colt’s pass-rush and make Indianapolis a more frightening defense because of it.

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