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Review of Fargo Season 3 Premiere

Fargo is back don’tcha know? And just like the past two previous seasons, it held no punches.

Each season starts out with a warning that this is based on true events. This has been a nod to the stylistic choice made by the film. The Coen Brothers aren’t the writers of the show, but they love what the show’s creator has done with it and they work as producers.

This season takes place in 2010, a leap back into more recent times after last season’s trip to the 70’s. It’s still the same small town with a larger than life mystery unfolding and that is part of why Fargo is so entertaining to watch. It worked for a show like Twin Peaks and it certainly works for Fargo.

Where it succeeds best is in the setup. Fargo knows how to weave it’s characters into an intriguing story while letting it slowly unfold. We’re introduced to unique characters and watch them develop as we see just how everything is connected. It’s apparent that at some point all these lives will come together but that’s sometime later. We’re just getting started here.

One of the most interesting factors of this season is the addition of Ewan McGregor. He is playing dual roles as twin brothers Emit and Ray Stussy. For one role he must don a fat suit and an awful wig. Which is honestly pretty great to see. He’s working with a great cast that includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Shea Whigham and Carrie Coon.

Fargo seems to be staying consistent with it’s quality and if the premiere is anything like the rest of the season than it should be pretty solid yet again.

8 out of 10,  We are not here to tell stories. We are here to read tv reviews.


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