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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Detroit Lions & Miami Dolphins

The NFL Draft is this week, and Babble Royale continues its countdown of 1st round predictions. Today, we have the Lions and the Dolphins.

Detroit Lions

1st Round Picks: #21

The Lions are a team that really snuck their way into the playoffs. Despite having one of the worst running games in the league and a subpar defense, Detroit was able to ride the arm of QB Matthew Stafford to a wild-card birth. However, the Lions shouldn’t rest on their laurels. Stafford is good, but he needs more than what the Lions have given him to produce a deep playoff run. With improvements on the offensive line and defense, the Detroit could be looking at a really nice season, but only if they make the necessary adjustments.


Pick #21: DE/LB T.J. Watt (Wisconsin) 

The younger of the Watt brothers has the potential to be very productive in the NFL. Though he only recently transitioned into a defensive player, his impressive ability shined through in that short amount of time. He works nonstop to get to the QB and is proficient in defending against the run. He isn’t the athletic freak like his brother, but he will give everything he has for every play. Pairing him with DE Ziggy Ansah will make for a frightening duo for QBs.

Miami Dolphins

1st Round Picks: #22

Miami is another example of a team that snuck into the playoffs. Though RB Jay Ajayi surprised everyone with his explosion onto the scene, the Dolphin defense was near the bottom of the league in YPG, causing the run game to suffer when playing from behind. The addition of LB Lawrence Timmons should improve their defense, and added offensive improvements with TE Julius Thomas will increase their passing game. But the amount of hole left could prove to be the Dolphins downfall.


Pick #22: LB Jarrad Davis (Florida)

Miami is rumored to be looking for more draft picks and if the right trade is offered, Miami may very likely be out of this spot when the pick comes in. However, if left in this position, Miami would be smart to add Jarrad Davis to the fold. Davis is capable of moving all over the field, and has a knack for finishing a play. He has been praised for his personal character, and HC Adam Gase is a big fan of high character guys. Though injuries are a reason he has slid down the draft boards, Davis is a high impact player that can sure up a unit that was a hindrance to the Dolphins in the past year.

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