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NFL Mock Draft 2017: New York Giants & Oakland Raiders

We are only a few days away from the start of the NFL Draft, and Babble Royale continues its coverage of each team selecting in the first round. This time around, we have the Giants and the Raiders.

New York Giants

1st Round Picks: #23

The Giants look ready to dominate this coming season. After spending a huge amount of money to bolster their defense last season, the offense was in need of some upgrades. The addition of WR Brandon Marshall gives QB Eli Manning another big receiver to throw to, and TE Rhett Ellison should help improve the run game. The pieces are there for a deep playoff run, but they need to fall together nicely for the Giants to succeed.

NCAA Football: Washington at Utah

Pick #23: OT Garett Bolles (Utah) 

Bolles has the potential to be a Pro Bowl starter for his career, but due to inexperience, may struggle at the NFL level as well. With only one year of FBS experience, Bolles is sleight in frame, which will make blocking the bigger defenders of the NFL difficult. He certainly has the athleticism and quickness to succeed in a zone-blocking scheme, but there needs to be some growth in strength for Bolles to put it all together and further improve the Giants offensive line.

Oakland Raiders

1st Round Picks: #24

The Raiders have finally returned to the top of the league. At least, they are almost there. Before QB Derek Carr was injured, Oakland had the hottest offense in the league and looked primed to challenge New England for AFC supremacy. After the injury, Oakland really began to show the weaknesses in their defense and running game. Now, with rumors that Marshawn Lynch is looking to return to the NFL to play in Oakland, the Raiders are getting ready to make another run to the top, with the hopes that injuries don’t slow them down.


Pick #24: LB Zach Cunningham (Vanderbilt)

Cunningham may not have the strength and size that NFL teams desire, but he possesses an ability to make plays. He can sniff out where a play is going and stretch from sideline to sideline to make the necessary play. While he needs to work on his consistency, the talent is certainly there and can be well used by Oakland to contain the run and pressure the QB. Combine him with a linebacking core of Bruce Irvin and Jelani Jenkins, and the athleticism alone will be a marvel to witness.

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