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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Houston Texans & Seattle Seahawks

We’ve got a few more teams to go in our NFL Draft predictions for the first round of picks. This time around, we’ve got the Texans and the Seahawks.

Houston Texans

1st Round Picks: #25

For better or worse, Houston will be synonymous poor free agent signings for the next few seasons thanks to the disaster of a signing QB Brock Osweiler was. After signing a $72 million contract to become the star QB of the Texans, Osweiler proved to be incapable of handling the starting role and was subsequently benched by the end of the season. The whole situation is unfortunate considering the rest of the team played tremendously, clinching a playoff birth and putting together the best defense in the league last year. Houston doesn’t want to start talking about rebuilding, but with no immediate solution to their QB problem, the Texans may be wasting a golden opportunity.


Pick #25: QB Deshaun Watson (Clemson)

Coming into his last season at Clemson, Watson looked like a surefire top 5 pick for any of the QB-needy teams that would be selecting this year. But an inconsistent season marred by questionable decision-making has led Watson possibly dropping out of the first round. Lucky for him, there are still QB-needy teams late in the first round, including the Texans. Watson is unlikely to fill the starting role immediately, and if he does, it will be an up-and-down season at best. But the potential is certainly there, and the Texans would be lucky to grab him so late in the draft.

Seattle Seahawks

1st Round Picks: #26

Seattle continues to be a top 5 team in the NFL. QB Russell Wilson is playing excellent football, and the Seahawk defense is still one of the best in the league. While the team seemed to be lacking running back talent and offensive line depth, the additions of RB Eddy Lacy and OG Luke Joeckel make up for that issue. Now, Seattle is keeping an eye on the future and providing depth in positions that may need to be deeper as the season progresses.

(20) DB Kevin King DSC_1964

Pick #26: CB Kevin King (Washington)

Kevin King seems to fit the mold of a Seattle defensive back. He is tall, athletic, and capable of playing all over the field. While he isn’t the most athletically gifted of the draft, he posses the experience from all across the defensive backfield and will provide tremendous depth for the Seahawks. With injuries still an issue for the corner position in Seattle, King will be a valuable asset.

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