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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Kansas City Chiefs & Dallas Cowboys

Two more days until the NFL Draft. With final rumors abound, Babble Royale is here to offer our insight on the first round of picks. This time around, we have the Chiefs and the Cowboys.

Kansas City Chiefs

1st Round Picks: #27

The Chiefs seem to be right at the door of the Super Bowl, but have yet to make it in. The Kansas City defense has been a hallmark of that team, combined with a methodical offense that produces thanks to the consistent work of QB Alex Smith. However, by the end of the season, the running game was sputtering, which made the methodical nature of the offense struggle. Now, with RB Jamaal Charles gone, the Chiefs need to reload their backfield or change their offensive style if they are going to stay near the top of the league.


Pick #27: RB Joe Mixon (Oklahoma)

This is a tough prediction to make. In full honesty, Joe Mixon may very likely go undrafted in this year’s draft. After facing domestic abuse charges from 2014, Mixon has seen his draft stock plummet as no teams want to take on a player with any connection to that kind of history. However, based on a talent and potential ability, Mixon is capable of impressive things in his career. The NFL is full of second chances, and if any team has recently proven to be giving second chances to players with troubled pasts, it is the Chiefs.

Dallas Cowboys

1st Round Picks: #28

The future is mighty bright in Dallas. The Cowboys have potentially struck gold with the drafting of QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekial Elliott last year. Both players went on to lead the Cowboys to the top of the NFC, helping usher in a new era of Dallas football. The last thing the Cowboys can do now is become complacent. They lost both CB Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr in free agency, which does not bode well in improving a weak secondary. The offense seems to be ready to grow, but the defense needs a bit of help.


Pick #28: CB Marlon Humphrey (Alabama)

Humphrey has all the tools to be a top flight CB. His measurables are all there, but he struggles with the finer techniques in his game. Though he may struggle in coverage at times, he has the instincts and awareness to make up for the mistakes he makes early in his career. If the Cowboys give him time to develop his ability, they will have a starting CB for the next decade.

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