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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, & Atlanta Falcons

The NFL Draft is now only one day away and the anticipation is ramping up. With our coverage of each NFL team selecting in the first round, we here at Babble Royale are covering the last three teams to select in one post. Those teams are the Packers, the Steelers, and the Falcons.

Green Bay Packers

1st Round Picks: #29

The Packers went through some rough turns last season. RB Eddie Lacy proved to be incapable of recapturing his early career form with a disappointing season, and the team was handicapped by injuries throughout the season. Despite this, Green Bay was able to reach the NFC Championship behind the MVP-caliber play of QB Aaron Rodgers. However, Rodgers struggled early in the season, which made the entire team struggle. While a QB of Rodgers caliber can easily sway the effectiveness of an entire team, had there been a solid rushing attack, the pressure would be lessened on the All-Pro QB.

Florida St Cook Football

Pick #29: RB Dalvin Cook (Florida State)

Cook is an excellent speed back that can be used in the passing game as much as in the running game. He has the ability to be a home-run on any play. However, he doesn’t have the power to be dominant running between the line. Add on the issues with his multiple arrests, and teams are likely to be weary grabbing Cook too early. But the Packers are in need of an explosive back, and Cook can be that back.

Pittsburgh Steelers

1st Round Picks: #30

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have a dilemma on their hands. After spending free agency adding depth options instead of potential starters, there came out a rumor about QB Ben Roethlisberger contemplating retirement. Whether they are true or not, it may be time for Pittsburgh to start considering moving forward with a new era of talent. RB Le’Veon Bell and WR Antonio Brown are going to be making this team very good for a while, but with a depleted secondary and a QB that is injury prone, the Steelers do have a few holes to consider filling.


Pick #30: S/LB Jabrill Peppers (Michigan)

The next Swiss-army knife to enter the NFL, Peppers is a player who can play across the field on either side of the ball. However, for the Steelers, he will likely serve between a safety and an outside linebacker. While he has the athletic ability to be productive in the NFL, he does not have the stats to prove it. While many may think the hype around him is overrated, behind a great defense like in Pittsburgh, Peppers can thrive.

Atlanta Falcons

1st Round Picks: #31

The Falcons have finally been able to reach the top of the league. Matt Ryan is hitting his stride, and the combined weapons of RB Devonta Freeman and WR Julio Jones are a force to be reckoned with. Despite putting up some of the 7th most points in NFL history, the Falcons also surrendered a massive amount of points. The Falcons have the look to be excellent for the next few years, but they need to be careful to not allow their holes to pile up.


Pick #31: OG Forrest Lamp (Western Kentucky) 

While the Falcons might want to improve their defense, it would be hard to pass up on the top guard of the draft. Lamp is a four year starter at tackle who is moving inside due to his length. He has the athleticism to help on the more technical rushing plays, and the ability to be Pro-Bowl caliber player in his first season. The Falcons have a hole at their right guard position, and Lamp would fill that hole immediately.

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