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WWE PPV Predictions: Backlash (2017)

Smackdown Live has their first PPV post-WrestleMania right around the corner, and with the Superstar Shake Up just settling in and multiple Smackdown stars having competed a couple weeks earlier at Payback, this event seems to have rushed in to bring forward new feuds with the stars that have come to the blue brand. There is certainly star power available on Smackdown Live, but most of this card feels like they are stalling for the future. Whether this card will actually impress is still up for debate. Either way, here are my predictions for the entire card:

(Reminder: Title match predictions are based on who walks out with the belt rather than technical winners.)


Tye Dillinger v. Aiden English


This match seems like a strange addition to the card with little purpose but to build momentum for a fan-favorite. Tye Dillinger is one of the most over stars in the company right now, providing consistent performances that excite the crowd and prove the potential he has to succeed. Aiden English has been working to establish himself as a singles star after Simon Gotch left. Readopting his Artist gimmick, English has been working with rising talent to give them a nudge in the right direction.

Prediction: Tye Dillinger

The match almost seems too predictable. English has been made to look weak both in and out of the ring, and throwing him into a match with Dillinger only helps Dillinger get another win under his belt. The hope is to have Dillinger competing on a higher level sooner rather than later. While his 10 gimmick is immensely over right now, there has been a bit less steam behind his support. If WWE really wants to capitalize on his popularity, they need to pull the trigger soon.


Luke Harper v. Erick Rowan


The former Wyatt Family members are finally free from Bray Wyatt’s clutches…again. With Wyatt having moved to Raw, Rowan and Harper are left without a master. Harper  split from Wyatt before WrestleMania, so his growth has already begun to take shape. Rowan on the other hand feels like a lost hound. Rowan was not very successful on his own the first time around, and now needs a revamped character to really make his way up the card. He is currently developing a creepy sociopath character, turning into more of a clown from a horror movie with each passing show. These two faced off a couple weeks back with Rowan cheating to win.

Prediction: Luke Harper

This match could really go either way depending on how WWE wants to use these two. Though for my money, I believe Harper has the higher roof. He has been one of the best workers since coming to the main roster and aside from one IC Title run, has been under appreciated. Harper can be a talented member of the Smackdown mid-card, competing with heels like Owens, Ziggler, Rusev, and Corbin. Rowan has talent and can be an effective heel as well. Whoever comes out on top, these two have lots of room to expand now that Wyatt is gone.

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