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NXT PPV Predictions: Chicago (2017)


The Authors of Pain (c) v. #DIY

NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match


#DIY has made their name recognizable throughout the entire WWE Universe. After spectacular bouts with The Revival and continuing to impress with the green talent of the Authors of Pain, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa have bright futures ahead of them. The Authors of Pain have a bright future as well. Looking like the next big monsters of WWE, The Authors of Pain of run over much of the NXT tag team division. With little legitimate competition left, they are likely two of the most dominate stars in WWE right now.

Prediction: The Authors of Pain

#DIY is the better team in this bout. They were the better team at the last Takeover. They were the better team when they first lost the belts to AoP. The biggest reason why they have not beaten AoP is because they are preparing for better things on the main roster. Though Raw’s Tag Team division is currently stacked, Smackdown would do very well to get an influx of talent at the caliber of Gargano and Ciampa. Giving the Authors of Pain one last push before they leave is just a way for them to help a rebuilding tag team division.


Asuka (c) v. Nikki Cross v. Ruby Riot

NXT Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match


The reign of Asuka has become historic. Whether WWE wants to officially recognize it or not, Asuka now has the longest undefeated singles streak since debuting in NXT. She has left everyone in her path broken and battered with no end to her title run in sight. However, she faces a huge challenge in the pair of Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot. Ruby Riot is quickly becoming one of the top women stars in NXT, garnering support from the crowd every time she is in the ring. Nikki Cross is chaos personified, which can prove to be difficult for Asuka to handle.

Prediction: Asuka

Asuka has said it many times before, “Nobody is ready for Asuka!” She is far and away the best wrestler in NXT, male or female. She has been convincing dominate in all of her matches and will likely continue that in Chicago. If Ember Moon would not have gotten hurt, this might be a very different result. However, the feud between Riot and Cross should continue as their continued rivalry will likely cost them both a shot at the title.


Bobby Roode (c) v. Hideo Itami

NXT Championship Match


Bobby Roode has been working hard to make NXT truly glorious. Ever since he first stepped on the scene, his brash attitude and consistent performances have provided NXT with a champion worthy of creating excellent matches with near anyone. Itami is next to test that. Hideo Itami has had a string of injuries which has caused his momentum to start and stop. However, the pop that he continues to receive every time he returns is certainly proof that Itami has the support of the NXT Universe.

Prediction: Bobby Roode

Itami will certainly test Roode and bring him to his limits. The Japanese star will go after Roode with everything he has, trying to claim the prize that he has yet to grab to this point in his career. He will be aggressive, hard-hitting, and passionate in this match. But Roode will get away with his belt. Roode has done a great job as a cunning heel who will win by any means. Look for Roode to do the same with Itami, taking advantage of Itami late and stealing a win to close out the show.


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