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10 TV Shows To Watch In June

June has arrived and the heat is turning up. With Summer all but officially in season, you are likely looking for a new obsession to get you through the hotter weather. Well, here are 10 shows you should check this June:


Fear The Walking Dead

June 4th – AMC

The spin-off of AMC’s hit The Walking Dead has been able to grow into a hit by itself. After establishing a core of characters that (while not yet as recognizable as the main series cast) have endeared themselves to fans, Fear The Walking Dead is paving a different path through the post-apocalyptic world. While the critical acclaim has yet to really come, Fear The Walking Dead will more than fulfill your need for zombie-filled drama.


I’m Dying Up Here

June 4th – Showtime

Comedy is hard, and finding your way to stardom can be difficult. Now, there is a show to highlight this fact. I’m Dying Up Here is a Jim Carrey-produced show about the stand-up comedy scene in 70’s Los Angeles. The premise of the show has promise and with a solid cast, this could be an excellent addition to Showtime’s library of shows.

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