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10 TV Shows To Watch In June

new-039orange-is-the-new-black039-teaser-reveals-season-5-release-date.jpgOrange Is The New Black

June 9th – Netflix

The huge cliff hanger from the 4th season will finally be resolved. After teasing a huge change in the status quo, Orange Is The New Black has a great deal of momentum coming into the new season. OITNB has always been an important show in starting conversations about today’s political climate, and with the potential insanity to come, this season will certainly be one to watch.

rainn-wilson-turns-to-crime-in-the-trailer-for-netflixs-shimmer-lake_1Shimmer Lake

June 9th – Netflix

For fans of crime-mysteries, this one is a great choice for you. Shimmer Lake tells the story of a bank heist gone wrong. However, rather than starting from the beginning, the show will tell the story of this crime from the end to the beginning, each episode going back a single day. The format is unique enough to garner interest, and the mystery is enough to keep you guessing. If the story proves to be of high quality, Netflix may have another hit.

417168-orphan-black-orphan-black.jpgOrphan Black

June 10th – BBC America

The clone-centered drama is coming to a close. Orphan Black has taken many fans down an insane path of mystery and intrigue for four season, and now come the climax of the story. The Tatiana Maslany-led sci-fi thriller has garnered critical acclaim for much of the four seasons, and the last season will be sure to impress. If you have yet to see this show, binge it wherever you can, and enjoy the end of a great series.


Turn: Washington’s Spies

June 17th – AMC

History tends to have the greatest stories, and Turn is an example of that truth. Turn tells the story of the American Independence War, but from the point of view of some of the secret heroes of that war: George Washington’s spies. While military espionage has always been one of the most interesting parts of any war story, seeing those same ideas in a period so important to American history is a sight to behold.


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