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10 TV Shows To Watch In June

the-mist-spike-tv.jpgThe Mist

June 22nd – Spike

Stephen King is certainly happy this year. With two of his books being made into films this year (The Dark Tower and It), King also gets to see another novel get remade into a television show. The Mist is a horror story about a mysterious mist that encompasses an entire town, with monsters lurking unseen behind this fog. The original story only covered a single location in the wake of this event. However, the series will cover several locations around the town, providing an interesting look at this insane story.


June 23rd – Netflix

As a wrestling fan, I will be the first to admit that sometimes it can be ridiculous in the best way. GLOW was one of those amazing examples. Back in the 80s, the wrestling promotion featured strong women wrestlers taking part in increasingly hilarious skits to entertain watchers. Now, Netflix is releasing a series about that promotion. The show is a wonderful departure from the deep dramas that currently litter television and should provide viewers with a great story.


June 25th – AMC

Comic book shows are all the rage recently, and Precher is another example of this. Created by Vertigo Comics, Preacher follows Jesse Cutler, a small-town preacher who suddenly finds that he has been given the Word of God, which he uses to attempt to find God. The comics are filled with raunchy imagery and events, and while the show has yet to reach that level of disturbing, the show has been excellent in presenting the unique story to a new audience.


June 30th – Netflix

Netflix seems to be launching tons of new content every month, and the third example of that on this list alone is Gypsy. One of the few examples of fully original stories, Gypsy stars Naomi Watts as a therapist who becomes a bit too close to her clients. The show is filled with suspense and with acting talent such as Watts and Billy Crudup, this is certainly an intriguing prospect.


And that’s my list. Did I leave any out? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to like this post, share it on social media, and subscribe to Babble Royale for more quality content.

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