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WWE PPV Predictions: Extreme Rules (2017)

untitledAlexa Bliss (c) v. Bayley

Raw Women’s Championship Kendo Stick On A Pole Match


The two women involved are going to need to put in a lot of work to get this match over. (Insert weapon here) on a pole matches have never been looked upon with great admiration. Add to this fact that this feud has reached a huge low point last week on Raw, and you have a formula for a potential dud between two great stars. If these two women are to prove that they are capable of amazing things, making this match anything above serviceable would be an excellent start.

Prediction: Alexa Bliss

When Bliss first began her feud with Bayley, I figured it would be a stepping stone to get to a newly-heel Sasha Banks. When Bliss won the title, I figured it was a great way to extend the feud and make Bayley look good by overcoming her bully. Now, I completely sold on Alexa Bliss being the top star in the division. Bayley has continued to struggle on the main roster, and a few lower card feuds could do her good to regain momentum. Bliss is far too over with the WWE Universe to be anywhere but the top of the division.

miz-ambrose-rawDean Ambrose (c) v. The Miz w/ Maryse

Intercontinental Championship Match (Ambrose DQ results in title loss)


Ambrose has not had the greatest Intercontinental Championship run this time around. Since winning the title from The Miz, Ambrose has defended the title on TV twice (one against Corbin at WrestleMania; the other two weeks ago on Raw, leading to a DQ). Despite claiming to be a fighting champion, The Lunatic Fringe has spent most of his reign chasing other titles and participating in talk show segments. After a massive victory against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Finn Balor for the #1 contendership, The Miz looks to reclaim his prize.

Prediction: The Miz

Dean Ambrose seems to have gone a bit stale with his current run and could use something else to reinvigorate his character. With Ambrose having to contain his offense a bit thanks to the stipulation, Ambrose might be able to regain some momentum if he ends up getting DQ’ed. He could simply look to decimate The Miz, leading to that extra edge that has been missing from his supposedly insane character.

wwe-news-hardy-boyz-sheamus-cesaro-extreme-rules-ladder-no-disqualificationThe Hardy Boyz (c) v. Sheamus & Cesaro

Raw Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match


The Hardy Boyz have been wonderful since returning to the WWE. After a great win at WrestleMania, their feud with Sheamus & Cesaro has been filled with excellent wrestling all around, while also allowing the challengers turn heel in the process. Now, the former Team Xtreme looks to further their extreme claim to the title by challenging the two Europeans to a Steel Cage match. Given the talent involved, chaos is likely to ensue.

Prediction: Sheamus & Cesaro

As I said before, The Hardy Boyz have been wonderful. But the nostalgia of the tag team is going to wear off sooner rather than later. Simply repeating an old act could lead to fan indifference (i.e. The Dudley Boyz). If Matt and Jeff Hardy wish to remain fresh and relevant, they need to change things up. Obviously, the Broken gimmick is an excellent option, but outside issues are likely delaying that. Nevertheless, WWE shouldn’t stall for too long, or else they risk the potential of losing the buzz behind this two performers.

samoa-joe-bray-wyatt-rollins-e1495556815409Bray Wyatt v. Finn Balor v. Roman Reigns v. Seth Rollins v. Samoa Joe

Universal Championship #1 Contendership Fatal 5-Way Extreme Rules Match


After the loss of Braun Strowman, there looked to be no immediate challenger to Brock Lesner’s title at Great Balls of Fire. However, each of these five competitors would beg to differ. Every single one of these men would put on an excellent match with the Beast and have every right to challenge for the top title. However, since there can only be one challenger to the Beast, these five stars will likely beat each other to the last breath in hopes of winning that coveted title shot.

Prediction: Samoa Joe

Before you immediately click out of the page, just hear me out. Of all the competitors, who has the most to gain from a match (and likely loss) to Lesner? Wyatt could use it, but he just recently had a top title on Smackdown. Balor deserves a shot, but simply serving him up as an appetizer for SummerSlam seems like a major disservice. Rollins still needs to further his momentum as a babyface. Reigns is likely to have a higher profile match with Lesner further down the line. Joe would be the best choice as he would provide a legitimate threat to the Beast and grow in legitimacy, even if he lost.


And those are my predictions. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like this post, share it on social media, and subscribe to Babble Royale for more quality content.


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