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WWE PPV Predictions: Money In The Bank (2017)

While not considered one of the “Big 4” PPVs, Money In The Bank is always filled with great matches. starting first and foremost with the Money In The Bank ladder match. This PPV should prove to be just as entertaining. With a history-making match, the emergence of two fresh championship feuds, and a feeling of unexpectedness in the air, Money In The Bank should provide the thrills needed for this slow Summer. Here are my picks for each of the matches on the card:

(Note: Championship match predictions are based on which superstar walks out with the belt rather than the actual winner.)


The Hype Bros v. The Colons


There isn’t much to say about this one. Zack Ryder has returned from his knee injury, to the delight of much of the WWE Universe. While many would like to see him get another push as a singles star, he has been paired back up with Mojo Rawley instead. They go into Sunday ready to battle The Colons, who have been little more than a stepping stone for team across the division.

Prediction: The Hype Bros

The potential is there for a Ryder heel turn, but they need to remind everyone why Ryder is so appealing before they can do that. A solid victory over The Colons will remind everyone of how exciting Ryder is, while also serving a an excellent appetizer to the main card in terms of entertainment.


The Usos (c) v. The New Day

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match


The Usos have held down the tag team division for a few months now, allowing teams like Breezango to grow and provide a proper heel team for faces to attempt to topple. Now, one of the most over faces in the company has arrived on Smackdown Live. The New Day have come to Tuesday nights, and they are just as popular as they have ever been. They were growing a bit stale before Wrestlemania, but now they look rejuvenated and ready to take the tag titles from The Usos.

Prediction: The New Day

While a dirty win for The Usos would help to extend this feud, The New Day seem destined to be champions, and delaying that fact would do more harm than good for the tag division. With Zack Ryder returning to (possibly) reform The Hype Bros and American Alpha still waiting in the wings, making moves towards including the more teams in the title picture would do wonders for Smackdown Live.


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