Suavecito Summer Pomade ’17 (Original Hold): A Review

Even as the temperature rises and the seasons change, it is still important for us hombres (& ruccas) to remain sharp, groomed, and firme! Every year and every season, the folks at Suavecito Pomade create and release a new seasonal pomade inspired by the current season. I recently ordered their new Summer Edition as way to remain dapper during the hot days of summer.

This summer, Suavecito’s summer scent is a Bamboo Lotus scent and it comes in their original hold and the strong Firme Hold for those who need the stronger pomade. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the original hold so without further distractions, here are my thoughts on the original hold Summer pomade by Suavecito.

The Tin

The blue tin blasts a strong summer vibe, with an artwork style similar to the poster of the popular surfing film “The Endless Summer,” which seems to be giving a nod to Southern California’s popular surfing culture. It also features two skeletons with surfboards looking dapper in the sand. (If you’re not familiar with Suavecito Pomade, their logo is a skeleton fixing up his pompadour, which has become a pomade icon.) The tin looks great and perfectly captivates the spirit of the summer season.

The Scent: Bamboo Lotus

At first, I was questioning what in the world a Bamboo Lotus scent would smell like. I wasn’t sure if I ever smelled lotus and was not sure if bamboo even had a scent to it. To be completely honest, the scent is satisfying to say the least. I can’t really describe  exactly how this scent smells, but to me, this scent reminds me of a breezy day at a beach. Imagine being at Pacific Beach in San Diego and feeling the breeze and smelling the fresh air and you’ll have an idea of what this scent is like. It’s nice and crisp and not too overbearing.

Application & Styling

The pomade breaks down in your hand easily, requiring little force to get it ready for your hair and applying it is just as easy, providing a simple experience to get in your hair and ready for styling. The other positive note is that it doesn’t dry so quickly giving you plenty of time to style your hair just as you like it.

When the pomade is applied, styling is really easy. In my couple of times using this product, the comb has moved seamlessly through my hair and kept most of those pesky hairs from standing, making me look great. Depending on your hair type, if you’re looking to style your hair with a traditional side part or contour, it will not be too difficult to achieve it with this pomade.

The application and styling process does not take long at all depending on what you aspire to achieve, taking about 5 minutes from beginning to end.


The durability of a pomade is important all year round and Summer is no exception. No one wants their pomade to melt in their hair, drip down their face in their sweat, and lose that firme style. Therefore, its important that a pomade can withstand the hot summer days and keep you looking sharp.

Wearing this pomade in two hot summer days, I’ve come to realize that the pomade is durable in the heat. Sure some of it will still drip down in your sweat, but my hair still looked great and remained that way through the day. Depending on your hair type, Suavecito’s Summer Pomade should have strong durability through the course of your day.

Verdict & Final Thoughts

Suavecito Pomade releases seasonal pomades with scents to compliment the current season. From the tin to the scent, this product radiates summer and makes you feel like you’re on the beach on a warm summer day. The Bamboo Lotus scent will remind you of a summer breeze on a tropical beach, something most people would find pleasant.

I’d recommend the original hold version of this pomade to those with fine and straight hair looking for an easy style like the executive contour or a mini pompadour. Those of you who have thicker hair may want to consider getting the Firme Hold of the product for maximum effectiveness for your hair.

If you have fine hair thats not too thick and have curiosity for a seasonal pomade, Then this pomade is definitely worth considering. It’s light and easy to style and washes out simply with water. Have a good summer and stay sharp and dapper.



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