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Praise It: Preacher Season Premiere Review

What do you get when you put a preacher, an Irish vampire and a carnage loving bank robber on the road?  One road trip to Hell. Or causes hell. Is there much of a difference in this world? I’m not sure yet. Since Preacher has premiered on AMC it seems like everywhere shown in Jesse Custer’s universe is one miserable hell. I have yet to see one place untouched by suffering and/or cruelty.

That’s one of the reasons why Preacher is so fascinating to watch. It’s the furthest thing from a happy story. It’s dark, twisted and manages to cause some type of new agony for the minor and major characters within this world. It takes place in a world without a God, a place thrown into total chaos when faith and structure are long and forgotten. Family friendly definitely isn’t the term you’d use to describe this show but it certainly questions all values.

Last season introduced us to our lovable trio, along with some other notable names such as the Saint of Killers, Fiore and Arseface. However, Preacher is different from the graphic novel some fanGs may be familiar with. The TV series gave us more backstory for some of our main characters, changed some details (like the explanation for Arseface’s condition) and allowed us more time to become familiar with the town and its colorful residents.

After an explosive first season, Jesse and the gang are back and leaving a wake of destruction everywhere they go. This season has been promising us a dangerous love triangle between three highly unstable violent but lovable heroes(?) all whilst running away from the murderous, unfeeling, unstoppable, uncontrollable Saint of Killers. From the first two episodes we already see a sing a long, intestines used for siphoning, a dozen ways to kill yourself and that’s just the start of this season.

A little corny introduction but the mayhem that follows balances it out rather nicely. Last season was filled with a very solid soundtrack and lighting that created a tense atmosphere even in the daytime scenes. It was charming, witty, shocking, edge of your seat fun that required your attention lest you miss an important detail. This season will have a lot to live up to but so far has managed to remain true to the source material while bringing something fresh and exciting to TV. Seth Rogen and the other creators have successfully translate Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic series.

9 out 10 too ra loo ra ayes

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