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Radiohead Releases Live Video of Coachella, Weekend Two Set

Fans of Radiohead now have access to an official video of the band’s live performance at Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, Weekend 2, which occurred earlier in the year on April 21st.

According to the band, Radiohead.tv has returned and will begin to feature full live performances of recent and upcoming gigs.

Coachella attendees (including yours truly) will recall the unfortunate technical difficulties that plagued the band’s performance during Weekend 1 of the festival.  The frustration on frontman Thom Yorke’s face stated it all as the show was out of the band’s control.  Radiohead was forced to leave the stage twice during the show due to these sound issues after playing through “Ful Stop” and fan favorite, “15 Step”.  To the crowd’s relief, sound engineers were able to resolve the problems, to which Yorke commented:  “F—king aliens again”.

Be sure to catch the full, sound problem-free performance at radiohead.tv for more videos soon to come.

Trinidad Padilla/Babble Royale Images





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