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WWE PPV Predictions: Battleground


The Usos (c) v. The New Day

(Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match)


Since arriving on Smackdown, The New Day have looked rejuvenated and back to the days of old when they were the most popular act in the WWE. Their feud with The Usos has been excellent to this point, providing excellent tag team wrestling and verbal sparring that has yet to get stale. Though the singles matches thrown in the last couple weeks have been a bit lackluster, the two teams have the capability to impress this coming Sunday.

Prediction: The New Day

The decision to extend this feud was smart, giving the two teams more time to build animosity and make the eventual title change even more special. With the tag team division in flux at the moment, these two will need to continue to feud up to SummerSlam. However, to avoid the program getting stale, a title change will allow for a different angle to help the story develop all the way through August.


A.J. Styles (c) v. Kevin Owens

(United States Championship Match)


In a rare occurrence, a title changed hands at a house show. A.J. Styles became the new U.S. Champion at Madison Square Garden to the surprise of basically everyone. While Owens has been great as the champion to this point, giving the title to A.J. should provide excellent mid-card matches, with Styles already mentioning the return of the U.S. Open Challenges on Smackdown.

Prediction: A.J. Styles

I pretty much gave away my pick in the background, but Styles has been fantastic ever since he set foot in the WWE. Giving him the mid-card title will do absolute wonders for the brand and provide new stars like Tye Dillinger and Chad Gable an opportunity to gain favor with the fans. Owens should do fine building personal feuds centered away from titles for a little while.


Jinder Mahal (c) v. Randy Orton

(WWE Championship Punjabi Prison Match)


This still feels weird to watch unfold. Mahal has grown as a champion over the last month or so, but can anyone really back him as the top star of Smackdown? Orton has done his best to help Mahal look more intimidating and seem like a legitimate threat to overcome the likes of Cena and Nakamura, but something just is not clicking. Perhaps a grueling match in the little seen Punjabi Prison will do the trick.

Prediction: Randy Orton

Perhaps not. I feel like the experiment has basically run out of steam and now, Smackdown runs the risk of seriously damaging the legitimacy of their top title. Having Mahal simply squashed by a star like Cena seems anti-climactic, and seeing him actually compete at the level of these stars seems unfit. Orton regaining the title (and possibly losing it moments later to Corbin) should help rebuild interest in the WWE Championship scene beyond morbid curiosity.


And those are my predictions. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to like this post, share it on Facebook or Twitter, and subscribe to Babble Royale for more quality content.

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