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Let It Snow: Snowfall Review

1983. South Central LA. City of Compton. That’s where and when FX’s latest show takes place. The birthplace of crack. Just from this information alone you already know that this show is going to be grimy and ugly. And for a show that’s all about a drug that started a whole epidemic well it’s hard to take your eyes away. The first episode makes no mistake in holding back. It jumps right into the thick of it.

The show follows Franklin, a young black man hustling to make some money on the streets. He’s smart and ambitious but struggling to get to where he wants to be. Money is on his mind and he’s out to change things where he’s from.

Along with him we have Lucia, a young woman trying to make a name for herself. She’s from a family well known in the marijuana business but she sees the potential in the cocaine business and sets out to seize an opportunity right before her. She finds herself trusting her hot headed boyfriend and wrestler down on his luck for partners. The trio risk crossing her unpredictable father in order to establish themselves.

Lastly we have Teddy, a CIA operative running businesses off the books.  He’s beginning to age and fears losing his last chance to live a life on edge. He finds himself involved with obtaining supplies for another country currently at war. The drugs are a means for funding the soldiers and his morals come into question. Teddy now must make sure his business partners can trust him and believe he’s capable of the claims he makes.

Snowfall by no means is a show for relaxing and winding down to. It weaves a history that’s already well known. It’s not meant to be light-hearted and fun. While many shows embrace a darker color palette and muted tones, Snowfall is colorful and bright. Scenes that show clubs and luscious mansions in Hollywood are glamorous without forgetting the ugly side of drug trafficking. The score is hip and on point in all the scenes, invoking nostalgic vibes.

For a new show with many new faces, Snowfall proves to be an interesting trip into the seedy drug world of LA in the 80s. Still very fresh on the scene, it has room for improvement but shows great promise for a new series.

8 out of 10, pretty dope for that’s not about making meth

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