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State of The WWE: Tag Team Division

With quite a few people complaining about the recent spree of tag team break ups in the WWE, now seems like the perfect time to take an in depth look at the tag team divisions of each brand. In the last year, we have seen the split of Owens & Jericho, The Wyatt Family, The Golden Truth, The Vaudevillians, #DIY, Enzo & Cass, and American Alpha. Add in the rumors of further tag teams inching closer to splits, and there you get the feeling that WWE is slowly killing their tag team divisions. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but a closer wouldn’t hurt:


Raw Tag Team Division:

Cesaro & Sheamus (c)

The Hardy Boyz

The Revival

Anderson & Gallows

Rhyno & Slater


The fact that each of these teams are so talented makes this division so exciting. The Hardy Boyz are crowd favorites that have years of experience to make their cohesive offense exciting and innovative. The Revival have some excellent NXT matches under their belts to back up their resumes. Anderson & Gallows are indie darlings who are currently underutilized. Rhyno & Slater are more than serviceable as lower card babyfaces. All of this is centered around the excellent work of Cesaro & Sheamus. While there are constant rumors over when Matt and Jeff will split, it is safe to say that the rest of the division is still strong.


Smackdown Live Tag Team Division:

The New Day (c)

The Usos


The Hype Bros

The Ascension

The Colons


While Raw has excellent talent throughout the division, Smackdown could use some help. The New Day and The Usos are both proven teams that have multiple championships between them. However, Breezango has been used mostly as a comedy act with little in the ring to help their legitimacy. The Hype Bros have yet to hit any sort of stride and are hinting at a split. The Ascension has been buried since arriving on the main roster and The Colons are currently benched due to injury and could be on their way out of the company.


NXT Tag Team Division

The Authors of Pain (c)


Heavy Machinery


The Street Profits

The Ealy Brothers

Sabbatelli & Moss


NXT was always going to have the largest division since many are developmental teams. However, only a few of these teams have legitimacy. AoP has taken strides to improve. TM-61 were excellent on the indie scene, but have been held out by injury. SAnitY has just recently been added to the tag team division since they’re focus has yet to be clarified. Heavy Machinery are green but entertaining. The rest have either yet to debut or have done nothing but be used as fodder for better teams.


Potential Teams

The Miztourage

The Singh Brothers

Rollins & Ambrose

Harper & Rowan

Blake & Murphy


There are a couple stables that can make the underlings into a legitimate tag team. The Singh Brothers are small but can be an interesting angle for them. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel could use more to do than stand around for most the time. Rollins & Ambrose have already teased reforming a team, and there are rumors of Harper & Rowan joining back together. Blake & Murphy split up a while back but have yet to do anything as single stars.


While it may seem like the tag team divisions are falling apart, there is certainly potential for more interesting feuds down the line with the rumored Superstar Shakeup coming after SummerSlam. For anyone worried about the tag teams, I’m sure they will be fine…right?


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