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Oooo Weee: Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere Review

Wubba lubba dub dub! Rick and M-M-Morty are back for more adventures sometimes with Summer and Beth but never with Jerry. This year they promise the darkest year yet in their lives. This review will talking about the latest episodes so I shouldn’t have to tell you spoiler alerts are ahead. But spoiler alerts are definitely ahead so don’t continue on if you haven’t seen it yet. Or do. I can’t tell you how to live your life and neither can cartoon characters.

Technically speaking the episode that was shown on April Fool’s Day was the first episode of the season. If you haven’t see that one either I would definitely watch it because there’s a glimpse of what Tammy’s been up to since the season two finale. That episode known as “The Rickshank Redemption” is pretty crucial in setting up where the latest episode takes place.

The newest episode “Rickmancing the Stone” continues with the consequences of Beth’s decision. She along with Jerry have decided divorce is what is best. Jerry has already been kicked out of the house and we get to see a bit of him living on his own. He’s more depressed and lonely than ever, his children and his wife wanting nothing to do with him.

Beth on the other hand is torn over her decision. She questions if she made the right choice and the effects it will have on Morty and Summer. Her own experiences growing up without Rick are obviously affecting her here and she’s more of a mess than ever. She’s trying her best to come to terms with things and move forward.

In an effort to distract Morty and Summer while keeping them away from Jerry, the trio take a trip a post-apocalyptic Mad Max sort of wasteland. Summer deals with her issues by enjoying the freedom this dimension allows her to have. Morty on the other hand is seriously struggling with his father issues and finds himself bonding with the muscle memory from the severed arm of wasteland warrior. They both find comfort in the way they both seek closure for their troubles. This is all webbed together along with a subplot involving Rick trying to steal a valuable chunk of isotope 322.

By the end of the episode the gang has come to a healthier place with the divorce. Morty is able to let go of his father while Summer is able to in a way forgive him for putting them all in this position to begin with.

This episode didn’t pack quite the punch as the actual first episode of the season but shows need filler episodes to move things along. You have to build up a story sometimes and episodes like this in the long run help to paint a more complete thought. True it’s a bit late to do the Mad Max homage but I didn’t mind. I’m still hoping for a Willy Wonka sort of episode even though both Futurama and Family Guy have done this and probably the Simpsons. It would be perfect though, just imagine how twisted it could be in both the tunnel scene and the burping scene (come on Rick would be perfect for that).

Honorable mention in this episode goes to the scene with the humanoid Morty bot gaining sentience and the scene between Jerry and the wolf.

8 out of 10, still waiting for you to SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT

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