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10 TV Shows To Watch In August

The television season is currently centered solely on Game Of Thrones, with most of the world waiting “patiently” every week. However, there are certainly people who have avoided the hype of GoT and desire something different. Well, for this month, here are 10 shows that you should check out:


Manhunt: Unabomber

Discovery Channel – 1st

The search for the Unabomber in the 1990s entranced many Americans who had been filled with fear for their lives. Now, Discovery Channel is offering up a dramatization of the intense search for the serial killer, bringing in the talents of Paul Bettany and Sam Worthington. For anyone who wants to see the story behind the news stories, this will provide an interesting watch.


screen-shot-2017-04-25-at-5-46-39-pmThe Sinner

USA – 2nd

This series has been building an interesting amount of hype. Telling the story of a murder investigation, Jessica Biel plays a mother who one day kills a young man on a beach in front of dozens of witnesses with no remorse or motive. The mystery of this series lies in why the killer would commit such a vicious crime, and watching Bill Pullman try to put together the pieces should quite engaging.


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