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10 TV Shows To Watch In August


Comrade Detective Main.jpgComrade Detective

Amazon – 4th

After a couple of suspenseful murder dramas, there is a need to lighten the mood. Amazon certainly wants to provide that with one of the most unique offerings of the summer season. The show takes place in 1980s Romania following a pair of detectives solving a murder (I know, more murder). However, since the show is Romanian, the voices are dubbed over by the talents of Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Nick Offerman. Comedy is certain to ensue.


swedishdicks_heroSwedish Dicks

 Pop – 9th

Pop TV has yet to come out with a major commercial success. However, Swedish Dicks certainly has the potential to entertain. Lead by Peter Stormare, the show follows two Swedish private investigators living in Los Angeles. The show feels quirky and Stormare is always entertaining. Hopefully, Pop can deliver an entertaining show to gain some recognition.


Saturday Night Live - Season 41Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update

NBC – 10th

Saturday Night Live has long been a staple of late night television since debuting on NBC in 1975, and one of the staples of that show has been Weekend Update. A parody on a newscast, Weekend Update has always remained current by using the different news stories of the time. Now, SNL is making this concept into a prime time show. With the many insane stories in the media today, an opportunity to laugh at them is certainly welcome.



Netflix – 11th

There are quite a few shows who can take a unique family dynamic and turn it into a relatable and hilarious comedy (SpeechlessTransparent). This show looks to do just that. Atypical centers around a teenage boy with autism who wants to engage in normal teenage behavior, including dating girls. The potential to tell quirky stories with the hope of helping many understand the heart of those with autism makes this show a forsure watch.

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