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Wet Hot American Review: 10 Years Too Late

Well Netflix is back again with Wet Hot American Summer, this time to follow the gang 10 years later. Wet Hot American Summer was a movie that came out and not too many saw it. It wasn’t until years later that it grew a bit of a cult following. It took the typical camp genre and made a satire with a cast of big names like Amy Pohler, Jeanne Garfolo, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper and many other comedians playing teen camp counselors.

And it worked really well. Actors that were so familiar and well known playing teenagers while very obviously far from that age range made for great comedy. The comedians had chemistry and jokes had great timing. It was silly and light but fun for a film that had a very flimsy plot at best. It had charm and wit to it with a dash of childish fantasy.

This lead to a follow up series on Netflix, the prequel/first season: Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp. This introduced us to a plot involving Regan, Chris Pine as a rocker, and Kristen Wiig and Josh Charles as snooty rival campers. Much of the plot from the series was rehashed but it still worked. It was enjoyable albeit weird.

The latest season continues with the lives of the campers now in their mid-twenties coming together to show off their new lives. We’re now set in the 90s but Regan is still causing trouble for the campers and George Bush. Newcomers to this season are Alyssa Milano as shady babysitter, Adam Scott as Bradley Cooper’s replacement, Jai Courtney as the dreamy foreign actor boyfriend, and Mark Feuerstein as the cheating boyfriend.

It’s already a big cast but some of the new additions work. Adam Scott is a solid replacement for Bradley Cooper, I hardly noticed a difference aside from their faces. Alyssa Milano was a refreshing addition, her back and forth with Michael Ian Black was quiet enjoyable. However there was much that sort of worked or didn’t go much of anywhere.

The Brodford/Shari plot feels like a waste of time along with the brief bit with Molly Shannon and Christopher Meloni’s characters. Although a nice visual gag to see Gene have a daughter, it doesn’t go much of anywhere. Much of the plots involving Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine seem half-assed for their kind of talent. A lot of the subplots just fall short of feeling worth the time spent of them.

The most notable moments in the season belong to the rivalry between Andy and Deegs (it’s hilarious to see Andy is no longer the dreamy badboy). I was hoping Deegs would somehow be his son but that didn’t happen and it felt like a missed opportunity. Victor finally losing his virginity was great solely for his makeover (he looks just like that meme of the Rock wearing a fanny pack, mom jeans and tight curls). Lastly the final reveal of the reasoning behind Regan’s revenge makes the entire season.  The show itself points out how little the plot makes sense but it’s as obvious as all the wrinkles and frown lines on the faces of all the aging actors.

I can’t say the new season adds much to the series but it had some moments. Not many, but some laughable moments.

6 out of 10 more like a wet hot american bummer

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