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Atomic Bond: Atomic Blonde Review

Imagine a movie with James Bond but the aesthetics of Drive. Now imagine him a woman in set in the Cold War Era. That’s what you get with Atomic Blonde.

It’s everything I never knew I wanted in a female fronted action flick. If I thought Charlize Theron was a badass in Mad Max: Fury Road well she just kicked it up a notch.

Atomic Blonde plays out like every typical Bond movie. However, it doesn’t waste too much time explaining every little thing to let you know who Lorraine is or how she came to be the lethal spy she now is. Atomic Blonde takes us straight to her last mission and what exactly went down. All the characters are given just enough background info that we don’t have to constantly ask who’s that guy again? It’s simple, sweet and gets right down to the action.

After that we have your typical Bond film, there’s a mysterious babe involved, someone is lying about their identity, no one can be trusted, you know the deal. Everything from the costuming, to the excessive alcohol consumption (not once did Lorraine consume anything but alcohol on screen), it’s just a Bond movie with a woman. Only her seduction skills don’t feel so creepy or forced.

The action was well choreographed, never losing a beat and constantly keeping the attention of the viewer. One of the best details about the fight scenes was how visibly exhausted the characters were. This may not seem like a big deal but when so many on screen fighters are punching it out, we never see them so drained they can barely keep their fists up. It made the over the top action feel just a tiny bit more believable. This makes a difference when you know fully well the likelihood of someone tying a hose to another’s neck to swing down to another level on a building is impossible. It’s cool to see but of course unrealistic.

The music was spot on. Atomic Blonde took music from a decade of questionable hits and made them cool and edgy. The chemistry between the neon lightning and the music with the pacing made the whole movie’s aesthetic.

Atomic Blonde wasn’t perfect by any means. Charlize Theron and James MacAvoy worked well together, along with John Goodman. However, their acting cannot cover up the flaws in the plot. Some of the plot was predictable and some was just frustrating, particularly the French Agent’s actions. Despite these flaws, the action, chemistry, setting and style make it all worth the while.

9 out of 10 luft balloons


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