Meet The Team

    • Albert Delgado

    • Andrew Pasquini


    • David Maggard


So every now and then there are some people you meet that just astound you, amaze you, just make you ask the question “How did this person become so awesome?”. And then you look to the right of that person and you find me. A father of 4 boys who enjoys the simple things in life. The excitement of wrestling. Sitting in front of the TV and watching my personal favorites of Macho Man Randy Savage, The Bad Guy Razor Ramon, Ultimate Warrior, The Road Warriors and obviously The Rock. Then we come to my LOVE for football. Special my Love for the Atlanta Falcons. Yes yes yes let’s get it out they lost the Superbowl for the 2nd time in Falcons history… I may have cried….alot…. but that’s another story. And now we get to my hobby that’s turned into life….Board Games. Yes I said board games and I’m not talking about the 13,000 versions of Monopoly. I’m talking board games that actual have a credited designer. Stay tuned with me and I’ll get into more detail. So hopefully after you have read this all you might give a guy who is standing just a bit to the right and chance and realize he has some interesting things to say as well.

    • Jonathan Macomber


Born in the bayou under the light of a half moon, Jonathan Macomber was born for greatness, well half greatness, which is still pretty good. He soon started his spirit journey by moving to an Indian Reservation in Washington state before finally settling down in Sacramento California, the land of Kings. Enjoying a childhood of cartoons, wrestling, Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy, his sense of reality was quickly altered. After rocking and rolling through high school in bands Orgasmatron and The Red Terror, he soon hit the radio waves at the age of 17. For the next 7 years, he would continue to be heard online world wide and finished his university studies. He currently rambles around town, and teaches the youth of America.

    • Jordana Diaz


Jordana, aka DJ Tanner, also known as the funniest person you don’t already know, is a film nerd. She watches anything and everything. Often she makes outdated references to things you probably won’t admit you still watch. She is way more opinionated than any person that tiny should be. You can bet your sweet cheeks she’s got something to say about whatever it is you’re talking about. Only problem is getting her to stop. Mostly she wants to write films and geek out over video games and music.

    • Mario Arroyo

    • Noah Alvarez


Current student at Sacramento State. Fan of all things NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL and more. Writer for the State Hornet (Sac State’s student newspaper). DJ at KSSU (Sac State’s student run radio). I enjoy throwback cartoons and hip hop.

    • Quin Imeson

    • Trinidad Padilla