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Praise It: Preacher Season Premiere Review

What do you get when you put a preacher, an Irish vampire and a carnage loving bank robber on the road?  One road trip to Hell. Or causes hell. Is there much of a difference in this world? I'm not sure yet. Since Preacher has premiered on AMC it seems like everywhere shown in Jesse… Continue reading Praise It: Preacher Season Premiere Review

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Your Own Personal God: Comic Review of Godshaper #1

Godshaper is unlike anything I've read before. Wholly original, Godshaper is written by Simon Spurrier and the art is done by Jonas Goonface. Godshaper takes place in an alternate universe in which suddenly in 1958 all of the laws of physics just stop making sense.

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WHO IS DAVID? A review on Legion

WHO IS DAVID? No, really tell me. Who is David? Where did he come from? Who are his parents? Is he crazy? Is he real? What is real? For weeks now, I've been watching FX's newest series Legion. Initially, I had no clue this series was tied to the X-Men franchise. I felt pretty stupid… Continue reading WHO IS DAVID? A review on Legion