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Steam Librarian: Black Mesa

The complex itself is my favorite part of the game as it holds the most creative freedom in terms of level design. It would have been very easy to create some drab, gray, metallic environment that the player slowly explores (kind of like another game I wrote about, Dead Effect). Instead, we are greeted by a vast array of unique level designs, all with their own creative finish. From sterile business-type laboratories to the moist, filthy piping underneath the complex, Black Mesa does a good job of both recreating and re-envisioning what Valve started with.

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Steam Librarian: Dead Effect

Steam Librarian is an on going series in which I, QuizzyQuin, discuss and review the plethora of untouched games I've accrued over the years in an attempt to catch on past purchases. What have I gotten myself into. I thought my second Steam Librarian was going to be about F.E.A.R. but I was sorely wrong.… Continue reading Steam Librarian: Dead Effect

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The Indie Library expected for The Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch out and millions playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are still more asking: Is there anything else? Based on an aggregate schedule collected after each statement about the console, The Switch seems to have an interesting line-up for games this coming year. What peaks my interest the… Continue reading The Indie Library expected for The Nintendo Switch