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WWE PPV Predictions: Battleground

The last PPV before one of the Big 4 always has an air of predictability around it. Major feuds have already begun to take shape, with the long term plans of WWE beginning to take shape. Nevertheless, Smackdown has done an excellent job of creating intriguing matches without making the end results too obvious. While… Continue reading WWE PPV Predictions: Battleground

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WWE PPV Predictions: WrestleMania 33

The ultimate thrill ride has arrived (hosted by the world famous, longest reigning tag team champs, The New Day)! WrestleMania is the highlight of the entire year of WWE, akin to a season finale of a TV show. Major storylines reach a climax, and a years worth of build finally pays off. ┬áThis year, we… Continue reading WWE PPV Predictions: WrestleMania 33