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Atomic Bond: Atomic Blonde Review

Imagine a movie with James Bond but the aesthetics of Drive. Now imagine him a woman in set in the Cold War Era. That's what you get with Atomic Blonde. It's everything I never knew I wanted in a female fronted action flick. If I thought Charlize Theron was a badass in Mad Max: Fury… Continue reading Atomic Bond: Atomic Blonde Review

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Wet Hot American Review: 10 Years Too Late

Well Netflix is back again with Wet Hot American Summer, this time to follow the gang 10 years later. Wet Hot American Summer was a movie that came out and not too many saw it. It wasn't until years later that it grew a bit of a cult following. It took the typical camp genre… Continue reading Wet Hot American Review: 10 Years Too Late

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Oooo Weee: Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere Review

Wubba lubba dub dub! Rick and M-M-Morty are back for more adventures sometimes with Summer and Beth but never with Jerry. This year they promise the darkest year yet in their lives. This review will talking about the latest episodes so I shouldn't have to tell you spoiler alerts are ahead. But spoiler alerts are… Continue reading Oooo Weee: Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere Review

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Baby On Board: Baby Driver Review

If you're looking for a fun, hilarious summer sleeper, look no further. Baby Driver is a modern day heist film for the comedy lover. It's fast paced and full of action right from the start. If you liked Drive but thought it could have been a bit lighter and brighter this might be the movie… Continue reading Baby On Board: Baby Driver Review

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Let It Snow: Snowfall Review

1983. South Central LA. City of Compton. That's where and when FX's latest show takes place. The birthplace of crack. Just from this information alone you already know that this show is going to be grimy and ugly. And for a show that's all about a drug that started a whole epidemic well it's hard… Continue reading Let It Snow: Snowfall Review

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Praise It: Preacher Season Premiere Review

What do you get when you put a preacher, an Irish vampire and a carnage loving bank robber on the road?  One road trip to Hell. Or causes hell. Is there much of a difference in this world? I'm not sure yet. Since Preacher has premiered on AMC it seems like everywhere shown in Jesse… Continue reading Praise It: Preacher Season Premiere Review

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Review of Fargo Season 3 Premiere

Fargo is back don'tcha know? And just like the past two previous seasons, it held no punches. Each season starts out with a warning that this is based on true events. This has been a nod to the stylistic choice made by the film. The Coen Brothers aren't the writers of the show, but they… Continue reading Review of Fargo Season 3 Premiere

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Two Whole Hours of My Life Gone: a review on Sandy Wexler

I spent two whole hours attempting to watch Adam Sandler's latest Netflix arrival, Sandy Wexler. Sandy Wexler is the result of the oh so cute ode to writer/producer/star Adam Sandler. Sandy Wexler. Get it? Good. That's basically the most intelligent result from that movie. This was quite possibly in my opinion (yes keep in mind… Continue reading Two Whole Hours of My Life Gone: a review on Sandy Wexler

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Steam Librarian: Dead Effect

Steam Librarian is an on going series in which I, QuizzyQuin, discuss and review the plethora of untouched games I've accrued over the years in an attempt to catch on past purchases. What have I gotten myself into. I thought my second Steam Librarian was going to be about F.E.A.R. but I was sorely wrong.… Continue reading Steam Librarian: Dead Effect

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STRFKR at Ace of Spades 3/29/17

Last week I was fortunate enough to check out Ace of Spades right after my radio show. It was nice as I waited in line to see so many other fans sporting bright hair colors. Recently I changed mine from teal green to a purple and pink mix. The brightly colored hair was very fitting… Continue reading STRFKR at Ace of Spades 3/29/17